breach of the peace

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any act of molesting, interrupting, hindering, agitating, or arousing from a state of repose or otherwise depriving inhabitants of the peace and quiet to which they are entitled

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I want to ask them how they can suspect the breach of peace as we organise such programmes.
She was subsequently arrested on a breach of peace charge and is due in court on 16 July 2002, reported The Associated Press.
Stalkers in Scotland cannot be arrested unless their behaviour amounts to a breach of peace or other crime.
The defendants are facing a three-count charge of misdemeanour, assault and breach of peace.
In an order the DCO has mentioned that on the eve of "Chand Raat", there is apprehension of aerial firing as well as display of weapons causing breach of peace and public tranquillity.
The woman, in her 40s, was arrested for breach of peace in Worthing, West Sussex.
Coach Richard Burns, 39, was charged with breach of peace for allegedly shoving Bova into a fence when the youngster called off the game in the second inning because the adult coaches began taking the game too seriously and screamed at the calls.
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