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the capital and largest city of the Republic of the Congo

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To accompany the President of the Republic in this mission, a government delegation headed by Foreign Minister Manuel Augusto is already in Brazzaville, in the context of closer ties of friendship, analysis and review of some common projects and in the safeguarding of good neighborly relations.
The atmosphere in Brazzaville has become tense as the election nears, with messages issued by some candidates warning residents to leave the capital city.
Ben Romdhane a annonce l'ouverture d'une ligne aerienne entre la Tunisie et le Congo Brazzaville au cours du mois d'octobre 2016.
Operating twice weekly using a Boeing 777F freighter aircraft, the new service will fly from Abu Dhabi to Brazzaville via Lagos airport in Nigeria.
ECAir flight LC061 took off from Maya-Maya Airport in Brazzaville, Congo, and will land at Dubai International yesterday at 10.
Existing Warid customers in Congo Brazzaville will join Airtel's global network of over 280 million customers and benefit from 'One Airtel' roaming rates across Africa and South Asia.
Thus, the activities and interests of many West African migrant traders in Brazzaville appear to be shaped by more complex factors than those associated with their existence as a relatively distinct group of 'strangers'.
Historical and forecast data and information for all the major oil fields, refineries, pipelines and storage terminals in Congo Brazzaville for the period 2005-2017.
We report an outbreak of CHIKV infection in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, that was associated with the mosquito vectors Ae.
Summary: At least 206 people have died in the Republic of Congo as explosions ripped through an arms depot in the capital Brazzaville.
A series of explosions at a weapons depot located on the banks of the Congo River in the capital, Brazzaville, have killed about 200 people and injured about 200 more government and hospital officials in the Republic of Congo say.
Au moins 150 personnes ont ete tuees et des centaines blessees dans une serie d'explosions hier dimanche dans un depot de munitions a Brazzaville, la capitale du Congo, a indique a l'AFP une source diplomatique europeenne.
The horrific explosions happened in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo.
The Munene case has caused friction between the two Congos, with Kinshasa calling for his extradition and Brazzaville refusing up to now.
Together, Brazzaville and Kinshasa provide a piece of geographic trivia: they are the only national capitals located within sight of one another.