Brazos River

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a river that rises in Mexico and flows across Texas into the Gulf of Mexico

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Study site Female Male Total Brood stock PM n PM n PM n Anderson County Midwestern 62 61 59 17 62 78 Southeastern 40 10 100 7 65 17 Pooled 59 71 71 24 62 95 Brazos River Midwestern 60 47 69 16 62 63 Southeastern 51 35 85 13 60 48 Pooled 56 82 76 29 61 111 Both Sites Midwestern 61 108 64 33 61 141 Southeastern 49 45 90 20 62 65 Pooled 58 153 74 53 62 206 Table 2.
At the Brazos River, we knew we had to use a mud motor system with a tricone drill bit to get through this rock," Dill explained.
About 50 farmers and landowners who are part of a coalition called the Brazos River Bottom Alliance are fighting the potential construction of the rail yard, concerned it will destroy longtime farmland and damage the environment.
oxyrhynchus historically were widespread throughout the Double Mountain and Salt forks of the upper Brazos River, as well as in the middle and lower mainstem Brazos River (Cross 1953; Hubbs et al.
Dow, which declined to be interviewed for this article, has twice gone before a state administrative law judge to assert its rights and call for better management of the Brazos River.
Last year, the Brazos River Authority accepted a $52 million bid from Patterson PK Land Partnership.
NYSE: CNP) today announced its purchase on January 5, 2010, of three series of pollution control bonds that had been issued on its behalf by the Brazos River Authority in 1998.
On 21 July 1998 at 1330 hrs, on the North Fork of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River in Garza County, Texas, mortality of cyprinids trapped in an isolated pool was observed as it occurred.
The firm's service area blankets most of Texas from the upper reaches of the Brazos River basin to the lower Sabine River basin.
Next up is Moon Taxi with "River Water," added as the prospect of increased regulation of a section of the Brazos River has deepened divisions among its users.
One of the most striking physical features of the area is Possum Kingdom Lake, an artificial impoundment of the Brazos River.
The firm's service area blankets most of Texas from the upper reaches of the Brazos River basin in the Rolling Plains to the lower Sabine River basin on the Gulf Coast Prairies.
TXU Energy currently intends to redeem, by September 28, those portions of the Brazos River Authority (BRA) Pollution Control Revenue Refunding Bonds (PCRBs), issued on behalf of TXU Energy or its predecessor, relating to the Twin Oak facility.
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