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a native or inhabitant of Brazil

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It knows that after splendid yet careful campaigns both in India and Africa he was in command against Brazil when the great Brazilian patriot Olivier issued his ultimatum.
In that Brazilian business two of the most famous men of modern history acted flat against their characters.
The second riddle is, what had become of the Brazilian general's heart?
"Only a month or two ago a certain Brazilian official died in England, having quarrelled with Olivier and left his country.
There is a camp breaking up on the bare, torrid hills at morning, and Brazilian uniforms massed in blocks and columns to march.
A heavy sea and the excellent seamanship of the master of the Brazilian permitted the Pan-American to escape and report this last of a long series of outrages upon our commerce.
SAO PAULO, 20th Agust 2019 (WAM) -The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has launched the Arabic version of Brazil-Arab News Agency,ANBA, in line with the Chamber's mission to connect Brazilians and Arabs and to foster economic, social and cultural development.
Brazilians at War: Brazilian Aviation in the Second World War
Fluency in Portuguese is a must for the Brazilian PEP billet, as communicating on the job is clone completely in Portuguese and very few Brazilians speak English.
Boro also signed the league's next two Brazilians, Branco and Emerson who made 10 and 31 appearances in the league respectively.
The ABCC was established more than 50 years ago to facilitate the flow of trade, culture and tourism between Arabs and Brazilians.
Brazilian machinery and equipment exports to Qatar, including auto parts, registered the biggest growth rate at 47.5% from over $8m in 2011 to nearly $12m in 2012, while other Brazilians products accounted for more than $187m of total exports to Qatar.
The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has been established to consolidate and expand partnerships, generate opportunities and bring Arabs and Brazilians together.
The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was established more than 60 years ago to consolidate and expand partnerships, generate opportunities and bring Arabs and Brazilians together.
Summary: The Brazilian Consulate in Lebanon announced that it will provide paperwork assistance for Brazilians residing in south Lebanon on Saturday.