Brazilian rosewood

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an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy hard dark-colored wood streaked with black

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Many guitar players believe the tone of the wood surpasses that of Brazilian rosewood.
An unusual square Emerson grand piano from the 1870s made of rare Brazilian rosewood anchors the room.
From the pale chalked pine through to dark Brazilian rosewood, this versatile range of flooring covers the full wood spectrum.
as well as exotic woods from tar away, such as Brazilian rosewood and pernambuco.
To protect and beautify the tube exterior, I chose a dark Brazilian rosewood water-based polyurethane gel stain.
bearing minimalist engraving, the bottle is nestled in a stylish silver base and securely framed in a handmade Brazilian Rosewood box.
"Our beloved Brazilian rosewood was taken from us more than 25 years ago," he says.
It's in Brazilian rosewood, with decorative inlaid borders and has a print of a local scene on the top.
"We cater to a small segment of the veneer market, but another popular look with clients is Brazilian rosewood."
If you prefer scented candles, try Natural Magic's organic Real Luxury candle with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, pounds 35 (, Aromatherapy Associates Relax candle, pounds 9, or Cath Collins amber and sandalwood candle, pounds 27.50 (01803 813-064,
Rosewood and pau rosa are both harvested from the endangered Brazilian Rosewood tree.
The same Brazilian rosewood oil that is used for exterior Penofin is used in Interior Gold Label.
The double-necked PRS Dragon 2005 is made of Brazilian rosewood, South American mahogany and maple.
It also features a combination of Brazilian rosewood and Ceylon satinwood veneers.
Because of its stability and tonal qualities, classical and acoustic mesquite a possible replacement for guitar makers have considered scarce tropical hardwoods such as Brazilian rosewood.
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