Brazilian pepper tree

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small Brazilian evergreen resinous tree or shrub having dark green leaflets and white flowers followed by bright red fruit

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The fruits and leaves of Brazilian pepper tree have medicinal properties as anti-diarrheal, astringent, diuretic, purgative, stomachic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and bactericidal (FENNER et al., 2006).
Thus, studies aimed at forestry studies about development and nutrition of Brazilian pepper tree, in view of the domestication and cultivation of this species for commercial production, are critical to reducing the extraction and acquisition of high quality raw material.
Due to the low fertility of the soil, the Brazilian pepper tree was studied with the following levels of K (66.67, 133.33, 200, 266.67 and 333.33 mg [kg.sup.-1] of [K.sub.2]O, corresponding to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 kg [ha.sup.-1] of [K.sub.2]O) using as a source KCl fertilizer.
The fruits of Brazilian pepper tree were collected from one tree in Medicinal Plant Garden, which were scarified in a sieve 2 mm of mesh to remove the pericarp.
Carnevali (2014), studying the use of gypsum and phosphorus in the initial growth and nutritional efficiency of Brazilian pepper tree, found that in full sun at 165 days after the plants had higher height (61.8 cm) and larger diameter (9.36 mm) at the highest [P.sub.2][O.sub.5] dose.
Cultivating the Brazilian pepper tree in complete nutrient solution during 120 days, Andrade and Boareto (2012) verified that K is the element with the highest concentration in shoot (726 mg/plant), followed by N (572 mg/plant).
In the Brazilian pepper tree seedlings, P and Mg were the nutrients with lower contents, however, they were most effective in producing dry matter.
The potassium fertilization increased the development of the Brazilian pepper tree, the higher plant heights and stem diameter were obtained when the plants were cultivated with 210 mg [kg.sup.-1] of [K.sub.2]O and the greater dry masses of the aerial part, leaf area and content and nutrient when plants were grown with the level of 66.67 mg [kg.sup.-1] [K.sub.2]O.
Brazilian pepper trees were growing like weeds from the cracks in the concrete in LC 18 where space engineers launched Viking, Vanguard, Thor and Scout rockets vital to the development of today's cruise missiles.
"The Brazilian pepper tree outcompetes the native vegetation," Mr.
Base officials are in the process of developing techniques to slow and hopefully stop the spread of the Brazilian pepper tree, and that will help not only the Air Force installation, but also the entire state where the tree has spread.
farm and grazing land, and Australian pines and Brazilian pepper trees are slurping up Florida's fresh water.
Below the lawn, young Brazilian pepper trees will soon screen out a neighbor's house.
The property was a tangle of Brazilian pepper trees when Richard Anderson came on the scene a year ago.
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