Brazilian pepper tree

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small Brazilian evergreen resinous tree or shrub having dark green leaflets and white flowers followed by bright red fruit

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Brazilian pepper trees were growing like weeds from the cracks in the concrete in LC 18 where space engineers launched Viking, Vanguard, Thor and Scout rockets vital to the development of today's cruise missiles.
The Brazilian pepper tree outcompetes the native vegetation," Mr.
Frank Inoshita, 69, of North Hollywood, admired his 3-foot Brazilian pepper tree, one of dozens of juniper, cedar, pine and other deciduous miniatures cultivated over decades of careful pruning.
5 -- color) The Brazilian pepper tree, a leafy evergreen, is moderately sized at maturity and provides good shade year-round, but its invasive root system needs plenty of room to grow.
The damage was not limited to the mobile homes as lightning hit down a tall Brazilian pepper tree at Sierra Vista Junior High School in Canyon Country and several traffic signals were short circuited in the area throughout the day, according to authorities.
But the destruction of a shady, 30-year-old Brazilian pepper tree has provoked outrage.
To address problems of invasive exotic plant species, the community has worked with Friends of A1A and spent more than $100,000 to remove Brazilian pepper trees and Virginia creeper vines near the community.
farm and grazing land, and Australian pines and Brazilian pepper trees are slurping up Florida's fresh water.
Below the lawn, young Brazilian pepper trees will soon screen out a neighbor's house.
The property was a tangle of Brazilian pepper trees when Richard Anderson came on the scene a year ago.
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