Tapirus terrestris

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a tapir found in South America and Central America

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Sommer, a Brazilian tapir, initially thought to be infertile, has given birth to her third baby at Folly Farm park and zoo in Kilgetty
In the nearby shallow ponds, the Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestris) is often caught sunning itself, or seen by spotlight as it wanders along the forest edge at night.
Our Brazilian tapir family were snapped enjoying a brisk early morning swim together.
At Bristol Zoo Gardens the arrival of three meerkat litters, a baby ring-tailed lemur, two fruit bats, a critically endangered golden lion tamarin and a Brazilian tapir are just some of the new additions that will be included in this year's count.
DUBLIN Zoo proudly unveiled its latest arrival yesterday - a Brazilian tapir.
The lowland, or Brazilian tapir, is the most widespread and probably most numerous.
Sasha the Brazilian Tapir has been with Dublin Zoo for more than 25 years and is a firm favourite amongst zookeepers and visitors alike.
Keepers Cheyenne Darkins, Sally Sheridan and Stephanie Bignell, with male Brazilian tapir, Chico.
DUBLIN Zoo has showed off its latest bundle of joy - a tiny Brazilian Tapir calf.
There are five species - the Brazilian tapir, the Malayan tapir, the Baird's tapir, the abomani tapir, and the mountain tapir.
Several births at the zoo including seven flamingo chicks, a baby gorilla, a brazilian tapir calf, a tiger cub and a baby chimp also drew the crowds.
Section Leader Jay Haywood, had a helping hand carrying out his weekly reports from birthday girl Brazilian tapir Meena!
The zoo has waved goodbye to Ronnie the Brazilian tapir, who's headed to Scotland.
Trainee keeper Josh Luxton applies the tar-like substance, a traditional antiseptic, to Brazilian tapir Meena as part of her regular foot care check
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