Tapirus terrestris

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a tapir found in South America and Central America

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Sommer, a Brazilian tapir, initially thought to be infertile, has given birth to her third baby at Folly Farm park and zoo in Kilgetty
Trainee keeper Jo Turner shows off Dudley Zoo's 2014 calendar to a curious Brazilian tapir.
CHRISTMAS arrived early for one proud mum at Drayton Manor Theme Park after the birth of a Brazilian tapir - named Nickolas.
Trainee Keeper Jo Turner shares DZG's 2014 calendar with a Brazilian tapir.
DUBLIN Zoo has showed off its latest bundle of joy - a tiny Brazilian Tapir calf.
THIS Brazilian tapir thinks a new version of Monopoly - featuring a host of Black Country attractions - is animal magic.
Several births at the zoo including seven flamingo chicks, a baby gorilla, a brazilian tapir calf, a tiger cub and a baby chimp also drew the crowds.
Trainee keeper Jo Turner shares Dudley Zoo's 2014 calendar with a Brazilian tapir.
Brazilian tapir Ernie (top left): "So, can I eat this snow stuff, then?
Two-week-old Brazilian tapir Eve took her first steps in the big, wide world during a rare spell of sunshine.
New arrivals throughout the past year have included a ring-tailed lemur, an emperor tamarin, a Bornean orang utan, a Brazilian tapir and a red panda.
Smile please: Dudley Zoo keeper Laura Robbins brushes up on dental care with Brazilian tapir, Chico, as part of National Smile Month.
FRIENDS OUR AT DUDLEY The paddock for the zoo's seven capybara - the world's largest rodent - and our three adorable Brazilian tapirs has been extended after Western greys Lou and Harold moved to a larger enclosure.
Eve and Charlotte, both from Clifton upon Dunsmore, Rugby, worked R with Brazilian tapirs and Humboldt penguins at the West Midlands tourist attraction as part of its Little Zoo Keeper for a Day experience.
Others showcased in the calendar are Brazilian tapirs, Humboldt penguins and Santa's favourite reindeer.
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