Surinam cherry

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Synonyms for Surinam cherry

Brazilian tree with spicy red fruit

acid red or yellow cherry-like fruit of a tropical American shrub very rich in vitamin C

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Myrtaceae), known as Brazilian cherry tree (or pitangueira), is a fruity tree spread all over Brazil.
He could only shake his head in disbelief yesterday as brown water soaked through his ceiling and pooled on new Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.
Recently, for example, P&G extended its Secret line with Scent Expressions, a line of deodorants for women that has fruity fragrances like Brazilian Cherry, Arctic Apple, Vanilla Chai and Kuku Coco Butter.
The Brazilian cherry steps, linen-covered walls and hand-stitched curtains seduced me into the belief I was independently wealthy and Naomi Campbell-sexy.
Whether you want to install Brazilian cherry hardwood floors or a brand-new kitchen with professional-grade appliances, jot down these tips before you call a contractor:
The grip panels currently available are Brazilian Cherry, Black Micarta, and my personal favorite, Synthetic Ivory.
Kitchen flooring options consist of ultra hardwood, either teak or Brazilian cherry.
Features gorgeous Brazilian cherry wood flooring and dock with lift.
Other slave-produced products not mentioned in the report, but which find an eager market in the US, include Brazilian hardwoods, especially so-called Brazilian cherry (Jatoba) and Brazilian walnut (ipe).
And some exotic species, like Brazilian cherry, are coming down to a price point closer to oak, making an exotic-wood floor more affordable.
Customers may select from an almost unlimited variety of hardwoods and exotic woods such as ponderosa pine, Appalachian red oak, Brazilian cherry or genuine mahogany.
Natura Ekos Shampoo e Condicionador Pitanga, an astringent shampoo and conditioner based on the Brazilian cherry, is another.
Hoboken Floors also introduces BR Ill's Indusparquet[R], a collection of prefinished and unfinished Brazilian hardwood floors in exotic species, including Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak, Tiete Rosewood, Eucalyptus and more.
The hardwood flooring is Brazilian cherry surrounded by oak, arranged in a diamond pattern.
Upon arrival, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout each room and suite are the second hint of a very unique design experience.
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