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a native or inhabitant of Brazil

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3% of its Brazilian operating companies, which consist primarily of Acominas and Acos Longos and have a combined production capacity of about 9.
French sugar giant Tereos broke into the Brazilian market in 2000 by entering into a joint venture with Brazil's largest sugar and ethanol producer, Cosan, to create FBA, a sugar and ethanol company.
The flattened Brazilian test has been a popular method in recent years to determine the tensile strength of rock materials [15-19].
We are very excited to create the experience of enjoying high-quality meats prepared in the style of traditional Brazilian churrascaria, and combining it with the festive atmosphere of ArtWeek in Miami.
On a second level, Lehnan's study exemplifies significant new directions in Brazilian cultural studies, which have undergone in recent years the definitive break with the project of modernity and the goal of creating-and describing through the voice of authoritative academic scholarship-a unified Brazilian society founded on principles of transcendent values and reflected in processes of artistic greatness.
1, the venue hosted top Brazilian pop singer Ivete Sangalo, who arrived in Worcester amid a crush of Portuguese-speaking reporters, photographers and television crews.
Brazilian ATC has come under increasing scrutiny as air traffic has been slowed in the country in recent weeks, including last week when a communication system breakdown led to extensive flight delays and cancellations.
Infinito Particular'' (``Infinite Private'') is an album of contemporary Brazilian pop, while ``Universo ao Meu Redor'' (``The Universe Around Me'') is a collection of old and new samba songs.
She argues that family strategies were critical to the successful colonization of the Brazilian frontier and also are the key to understanding the origins of social stratification.
One of the first to take the plunge was the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, head of Mexican telecom giant Telmex, taking control of Brazilian telecommunications company Embratel, the operator of Claro-brand cell phones and an investor in the cable TV company Net.
The gala dinner had a Brazilian churrasco as well as a Swedish smorgasbord for the guests to enjoy.
For those well versed in TP, the Brazilian approach comes as a surprise, because it fails to adopt the arm's-length principle and instead promotes a "cookie-cutter" approach.
In 1997, she moved to New York, where her sister (the postmodern choreographer Andrea Chamecki) was living, and there she met her husband, also Brazilian.
Gonzalez-Jose and his coworkers compared measurements of 33 Pericu skulls housed at a Mexican museum with those of 22 ancient Brazilian skulls and hundreds of skulls from a worldwide sample of contemporary groups.
In recent years the Brazilian navy's aviation program has undergone a significant evolution in both ship and aircraft capability.
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