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Maya Deren's Living Gods of Haiti, and Black Orpheus - three continents linked through an essay from Jean Paul Sartre, offer more interest, including a beatific Pau Brazil wood carved decostyle nun and photographic images from Peter Moore taken in 1970s New York but somewhat dishearteningly looking as if they could have emanated from a time 50 years before.
But about a quarter century after Cabral and de Lemos happened upon the land, the Portuguese began to realize the benefits of Brazil wood (something that French smugglers had noticed a decent bit earlier).
That country, named after the abundance of fine brazil wood along its shores, has cultivated a reputation based on its woods' appearance and strength.
Many were impossible for Huguette to do by herself, such as the engraving of a cross in rock-hard Brazil wood or the levitation of crosses and relics by invisible means.