Republic of the Congo

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a republic in west-central Africa

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Braza said the union staged a peaceful protest on July 14 at the VTI bus terminal in Barangay Bata, Bacolod City, to call on the Yansons to settle their dispute.
In 1993, with the need for more space, Braza relocated to the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts.
Sex differences in associations of these variables with MDI may be related to parenting styles, which have been associated with sex differences in child neurodevelopment (Braza et al.
Stressed-out people always worry about what happens next in life, instead of enjoying the here and now, says Jerry Braza, author of Moment by Moment: The Art and Practice of Mindfulness.
En su practica, se consideran cuatro estilos o tecnicas de nado (crol, espalda, braza y mariposa), cada uno de los cuales requiere un trabajo muscular distinto.
Braza De Brazil 121: (Mohammad Azam 25, Amjad 33, Wasim 20; Saqib 4 for 10, Raheem 3 for 17, Jeno 2 for 21) beat Zamil Cool Care 82: (Tariq Butt 4 for 16, Afridi 2 for 13, Umair 2 for 20) by 39 runs.
[5] External flow Rectangular (i) Reduction (i) Dennis and channel with of drag force Chang [29] airfoil or (ii) Braza et cylinder(s) (ii) St number al.
In 2003 Braza [5] investigated the existence of at least one limit cycle of (1) in a Hopf bifurcation.
El estudio de Braza et al (11) con ninos y ninas de 5 anos registro 54 comportamientos durante el recreo, y obtuvieron un Indice de Amplitud de Comportamientos (IAC) mayor en las ninas que en los ninos y que los comportamientos masculinos contribuyen mas a dicho indice.
Milford 2, Oliver Ames 1: Junior Melissa Braza scored two first-half goals as the Scarlet Hawks dealt Oliver Ames its first loss.