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Confederate general during the American Civil War who was defeated by Grant in the battle of Chattanooga (1817-1876)


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Chief among Confederate officers at the wedding was General Braxton Bragg.
As the newest addition to the Braxton Bragg Chapter, the company will be attending chapter meetings and events regularly, showing support for all the troops serving our great nation.
After Braxton Bragg launched his invasion of Kentucky, and after snatching Chattanooga from Major General Don Carlos Buell's advancing army, Halleck succumbed to Buell's critics and ordered Thomas to assume command of the army on Sept.
Sources: McWhiney, Grady, Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat.
He published two books of verse, The Buccaneers (1912) and Farm Voices (1918), but he is chiefly known for his biographies: Artemus Ward (1919), Joseph Pulitzer (1924), Braxton Bragg, General of the Confederacy (1924), Horace Greeley (1926), Charles Curtis (1928), James Gordon Bennett (1928), and Lincoln the Politician (1931).
Also anyone that works regularly on Fort Bragg as well as members of the Braxton Bragg Chapter of AUSA can obtain membership with Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union.
He finds that the degree of moral courage explains success and failure in leaders: Lincoln's willingness to remove General William Rosecrans to the Department of Missouri, which enabled Grant to succeed at Chattanooga, stands in contrast to Jefferson Davis's belief that his rhetorical support of Braxton Bragg would end the internecine bickering in the Army of Tennessee.
Those of the Confederacy numbered 37,000 under General Braxton Bragg.
After all, Braxton Bragg, the commander of the Army of Tennessee, discussed the general's drinking habits in an official report to Jefferson Davis, and in a letter written to absolve himself from his own blunderings at Missionary Ridge.
Pickens, Braxton Bragg show us their characters through their letters and writings, at their best and at their worst.
Cheatham, Braxton Bragg, Daniel Ruggles, Jones Withers, William J.
Inexperience on both sides and the South's failure to act as a whole turned what could have been a victory into a retreat, and consigned Confederate General Braxton Bragg to be forever remembered as mediocre.
Lee, Pierre Beauregard, Braxton Bragg, and John Hood.
Wood's largest section deals with the contest between William Starke Rosecrans and Braxton Bragg in the arena of the Chickamauga campaign.
Braxton Bragg has been a favored scapegoat for the Army of Tennessee, but here he becomes a capable, if flawed, commander who was a good judge of character and who could be given discretion to follow broadly stated orders.