Michel Ney

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French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815)

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Time I think, for DFID to rearrange its priorities and to support the former Gurkha soldiers who have put their lives on the line for our country, often described by those who served with them as "the bravest of the brave".
Many took to social media to congratulate the "bravest of the brave".
"The bravest of the brave need somewhere proper to rest - a place where his family, his comrades and admirers can pay both respect and homage to him.
He was the bravest of the brave and a part of 9 Para SF.
In suit and medals, the fifth in line to the throne joined some of the bravest of the brave - the men and women from all three Armed Forces who run towards the bombs - among a 1,500-strong congregation.
"Our Inferno Curry is marinated with the hottest chilies in the world and is only for the bravest of the brave," said Kris Parikh, owner of Mint Indian Bistro.
Only the bravest of the brave and/or the craziest of the crazy should even attempt to drive through it.''
President Colonel Joe Harkon said that the Parachute Regiment are all the bravest of the brave and it was an honour to have served with a true Band of Brothers.
Which French marshal was described as "the bravest of the brave" by Napoleon?
This simpleminded brutalism coming from, say, the bravest of the brave, Marshal Ney, would be wrong but understandable, but it seems more than slightly ridiculous emanating from two flat-footed pizza gobblers who flinch when a Volkswagen backfires a mile away.
"There are no words that can describe how you feel when you are told that your son is the bravest of the brave," said Mrs Ashworth.
They were the bravest of the brave - police officers who signed up to protect the public and paid with their lives.
With a life expectancy of eleven days these were the bravest of the brave and in this 'intensely human record' the author draws heavily on the letters written by pilots.
A MEMBER of the Welsh Guards, shot dead alongside an RAF airman, will be remembered in the ranks of the "bravest of the brave".
Bravest of the brave I hope the overpaid footballers who fall over when ever anyone comes within ten yards of them were watching the racing from Cheltenham.