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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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Backed by an internal support staff at the corporate office and regional managers in the field, Magni-Serv runs like clockwork, according to Brauner.
Trends driving the category include the need for reading glasses following eye examinations as well as the graying of America, according to Brauner.
This learning effect ensures even more accurate speech recognition results adds Dr Brauner.
Our highly trained transcriptionist staff will take care of even complex transcriptions for you and deliver them back to you quickly adds Dr Brauner.
The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra did a great job, and Tomas Brauner, its main guest conductor, showed himself in the best light.
Younger men, especially those between 18 and 35, are very particular about using natural and organic products as they are aware of their health benefits and positive effect on human skin and hair," says Brauner.
The optimal placement for the line is in the men's grooming department adjacent to clippers, adds Brauner.
The addition of these new coverages to OREP's E&O home inspector program makes it easy and affordable for every home inspector to be protected with comprehensive coverage, according to David Brauner, Senior Broker for http://orep.
Susan Brauner is retiring, although she will continue to work part time as a consultant.
A SAD story of the downfall of the daughter of a Liverpool doctor was told at the Cheshire Sessions at Chester this morning when a respectably-dressed young woman named Eleanor Mary Brauner, aged 30, of no occupation, pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing wedding rings at Liscard.
Its grand monuments are not the striving sculptures of Max Ernst, Victor Brauner, or the duo Lalanne--on the sale of whose dubious work bias eventually built an international network of galleries--but the exquisite miniature boxes of Joseph Cornell assembled in obsessional devotion to the stars of the Romantic ballet, such as Marie Taglioni.
In his autobiography Mich gibts nur einmal (1976), Brauner laments having lost a lot of money on Morituri, and goes on to justify his decision to produce entertainment films from then on, contending that "cinema should essentially provide entertainment and not a forum for coming to terms with the past.
En pleno meollo de la Guerra Civil espanola, Franqoise y Alfred Brauner iniciaron la recopilacion de dibujos realizados por ninos y ninas que sufrian las consecuencias del conflicto belico, conformando una coleccion pionera que marco una linea de reflexion y estudio acerca del testimonio infantil y las vivencias de la guerra.
The three other deputies director general who will serve with Shark include Yi Xiaozhun of China, Karl-Ernst Brauner of Germany and Yonov Frederick Agah of Nigeria.
For professors, students, and researchers, Brauner (law, U.