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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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While the Malleus sprang from a chiefly misogynist view and served to justify and perpetuate a patriarchal, celibate church hierarchy, Brauner demonstrates that the writings of Martin Luther and two 16th century playwrights, Paul Rebhun and Hans Sachs, came from a need to justify the emerging role of the submissive housewife.
She was released in 1961, and married Harry Brauner, who was released at the same time.
Lowest cost are the stand-up coffee-bars where you can have a mocca or a brauner (small) for US$ .80, big for US$ 1.60, or a melange for $1.50.
Brauner says there's a need for a central, national association for HBA, like the National Frozen Foods Association for frozen foods, to help on the editorial material and other aspects of the promotion.
This learning effect ensures even more accurate speech recognition results adds Dr Brauner. Users can also take advantage features such as the possibility to assign document templates to their transcriptions directly from their smartphones, based on the author name and/or work type.
Dr Brauner continues: Our cutting edge technology ensures every word is captured from the moment you press record.
Brauner, who plans to study journalism, drove almost 10 hours with her friend, Stephanie Greer of Boise, who will study biology, and with their mothers, Valerie Brauner and Lori Greer.
"He single-handedly fought the battle to allow free sale in all 50 states," said Brauner, who now runs BG Products LLC.
Sparber, most recently a senior partner with Brauner Baron Rosenzweig & Klein, LLP, is pleased to announce the opening of his new law firm in Manhattan, The Law Firm of Roy M.
Art Brauner, Executive Vice President, reviewed the status of International Conventions through 2007 (2006: Pacific Southwest Section, Newport Beach, CA; 2007: Mid-South Section, Knoxville, TN).
The star, 61, is divorcing German-born Alexandra who was snapped last month with Sammy Brauner, 41, in a Berlin nightclub.
His first-round 69 saw him go one ahead of defending champion John Kemp, American Chris Brauner and Graeme Marchbank.
BERLIN At 85, Artur Brauner has reached an age when most folks have already spent at least two decades in retirement, but the tireless Berlin-based film producer doesn't seem to understand the German word "Ruhestand" even though he speaks six languages.
Target audiences: "The Almond People" reaches out to audiences beyond the cooperative's membership, says Susan Brauner, the co-op's public affairs director, who initiated and oversaw the project.
Victor Brauner is less familiar than his Romanian compatriot Constantin Brancusi, yet his work in many genres--Cubist- and de Stijl-inspired abstraction, Dadaist collage, Surrealist furniture, and encaustic painting--has an ineffable Balkan pungency to it and should be better known.