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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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Despite the position of the Glaucous Gull at the top of Arctic marine food webs and its role as a sentinel species for the health of the Arctic marine ecosystem (Braune et al., 2002; Sagerup et al., 2009), we have little knowledge of its population size and breeding distribution in the Arctic countries.
After more than thirty years of peaceful slumber following Meisenhelter (1942), (527) Braune reappeared in Illinois' antagonistic defenses lineage in People v.
(8.) "Es wird niemandem zweifelhaft sein, dass wir ihn darin zu sehen haben, dass die laute h, l, r dem i widerstand Icisteten, weil sic den dunklem vocalen naher lagen, indens sie entweder weit hinten ins munde articuliert wurden und so der vom i geforderten palatalen articulation sich nicht anbequemten (so das h), oder mit dem tiefen vocalischen u-timbre gesprochen wurden, was bei r und der fall war" (Braune 1877: 552)
I would also like to thank Mark Mallory and Birgit Braune, my unofficial, but ever helpful, supervisors for much of my work.
The court then ran through the litany on joint trial and severance in Illinois, citing Ruiz for no automatic right to separate trial, Daugherty and Canaday for the trial court's discretion to sever, Daugherty and Braune for the defendant's burden to demonstrate prejudice because "[m]ere apprehensions of prejudice are not enough[,]" and Daugherty quoting Lee (1981) regarding "' "The general rule ...
Against this considerable array of human factors benefits, there is one important cost of HUDs: the clutter of overlapping images, potentially masking events or relevant information in either domain (Hofer, Braune, Boucek, & Pfaff, 2000; Martin-Emerson & Wickens, 1997; Ververs & Wickens, 1998a).
Because of its prominence, company Vice President John Braune says, it's not surprising that Heritage would be put under the microscope.
Provencher, J.F., McEwan, M., Mallory, M.L., Braune, B.M., Carpenter, J., Flarms, N.J., Savard, G., and Gilchrist, H.G.
Owner Glennie Braune and her friends made sure War Owl returned to a noisy reception after winning
In this respect, task-related modulation of the ongoing EEG can be seen as similar in specificity to that of stimulus-locked, evoked potential components (such as the P300), which also vary as a function of difficulty level in a wide variety of tasks (e.g., Humphrey & Kramer, 1994; Isreal et al., 1980; Kramer, Sirevaag, & Braune, 1987; Sirevaag, Kramer, & Wickens, 1993).
The Sammlung kurzer Grammatiken was begun with Wilhelm Braune's Gotische Grammatik (1880), and now contains descriptions of Middle High German (Paul 1881), Old English (Brunner 1882), Old Norse (Noreen 1884, 1904), Old High German (Braune 1886), Old Saxon (Gallee 1891), Middle English (Moorsbach 1896), Runic Norse (Arntz, 1912), Middle Low German (Lasch 1914), and Modern German (Stolte 1949, von Kienle 1960).
The following have taken part in biological studies at Prince Leopold Island since 1975: Valerie Amarualik, Kate Beauchamp, Birgit Braune, Roger Bull, James Burns, John Chardine, Suzanne Charest, Barbara Dodge, Garry Donaldson, Alex Dzubin, Christine Eberl, Kyle Elliott, Kevin Elner, Alain Fontaine, Rod Forbes, Grant Gilchrist, Anne Greene, Eric Greene, Mark Hipfner, Keith Flobson, Debbie Iqaluk, Shoshana Jacobs, Debbie Jeffery, Tim Lash, Mark Mallory, Kerrith McKay, Allison Moody, David Nettleship, Brianna Newton, Kieran O'Donovan, Jerry Prach, Robert Rankin, Uli Steiner, Steve Smith, lain Stenhouse, Ilya Storm, Margo Taylor, Phil Taylor, Stu Tingley, Erick Verspoor, Kerry Woo, and Paul Woodard.