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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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Over the past year, Chi-Ping has proven his decision-making and leadership acumen," Braune said.
For 2003, we expect the number of design starts in SoC of greater than 10 million gates to grow rapidly; as such, we will continue to expand our position as the best in class synthesis," says Braune.
G2C-RC is aimed at an under-served market needing consistent quality of results, super-fast runtimes, and confidence that new design tools will readily fit into existing flows and methodologies," adds Braune.
157, B/2, Fiche 110, Frames 0089, 0091; Hans-Jochen Gamm, Der braune Kult, Hamburg: Rutton & Loening, 1962, 90, 96, 98, 110.
Contact Person: Vergabestelle Ansprechpartner: Herr Mathias Braune
Se emplearon las caracteristicas antropometricas planteadas por Braune y Fisher [12] y por Winter [13] para hallar la distribucion de masas y longitudes de los diferentes miembros corporales.
The company said Kathyrn Braune and Mike Moran, loyal AutoNation customers, where rewarded this week when the management team at AutoNation Buick GMC West Sahara and AutoNation Buick GMC Henderson handed each of them the keys to the brand new vehicles they had planned to purchase, payment free.
Las concentraciones de PCBs en tejidos procedentes de especies salvajes han sido usadas para evaluar las tendencias espaciales y temporales de la exposicion ambiental (Muir et al, 1992; 1996; 1999; Mossner et al, 1997; Addison et al, 2001; Tanabe et al, 2003; Braune et al, 2005; Martin et al, 2006), proporcionando asi importante informacion de su presencia y su biodisponibilidad en el medio ambiente (Basu et al, 2010).
Rather, he implies it is an actual leopard that Signe experiences, as incorporated by Perrudja, whose presence is indicated merely by Signe's leitmotivic signifier for him, "runde kleine braune Brustwarzen":
Contributing to the rediscovery of Erich Fromm and to the debate on messianism, Braune demonstrates the necessity of putting Fromm into the conversation.
Denise Braddock, David Braune, Kelly Turcotte and Alison Watterson, of Lancaster; and