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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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Braun works in what he calls the "bastardized American raku technique" developed by Paul Soldner in the 1960s.
The hotel, dubbed as the Von Braun Space Station, is currently being built by the Gateway Foundation.
After Swift released her new album 'Lover' on Friday, Braun took to Twitter to congratulate the singer on her "brilliant" work.
It's unclear what her tweet was referring to, but it came shortly after Swift, 29, released a scathing note that accused Braun of 'manipulative bullying.'
It was a joke -- the tweet was deleted after drawing a pointed response from Grande -- but the sentiment spoke to Braun's increasing influence in pop culture.
In addition to the printed book of "Billion or Bust!," Braun Ink has produced a study guide, chapter summary, presentation and video that enable corporate leaders and college instructors to share the Rackspace story using the format most effective for their audiences.
Braun, announced the Solutions for Lifeinitiative May 14 at a stakeholder briefing and panel discussion in Washington, D.C., which included legislative leaders.
Braun, who has a PhD in sport science, is an internationally recognised coach educator and instructor.
Specifically, Braun is doing something he's never done: changing his swing.
This is the third Middle East win for Yaquby, which has also won two Braun global awards.
11 October 2018 - Minnesota, US-based geotechnical engineering, testing and environmental consulting company Braun Intertec has acquired Texas-based environmental consulting firm W and M Environmental Group, LLC, the company said.
This week we've teamed up with Braun to give away the Series 9 electric shaver, the brand's smartest and most comfortable model yet.
Braun Medical SAS is acquiring the assets of Israeli colostomy management solutions provider Stimatix GI Ltd, Stimatix has disclosed.
Howard Stull is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars, just as murder victim Kathy Kay Braun's loved ones had hoped.