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the German mistress of Adolf Hitler (1910-1945)


United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England)

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Braun was aware of manufacturing problems at AM2PAT even before it began purchasing syringes from AM2PAT.
The Braun Scavenger Hunt is a "play-scan-win" game designed to engage show participants in visiting each Braun ambulance that will be on display at FDIC 2013.
It was founded by Max Braun in 1921 in Frankfurt, Germany, a statement from the company said.
From that beginning, the Braun workshop has morphed into one of the housewares industry's international powerhouses, a force in product categories such as men's foil shavers, hair-care products and small electrics.
For every Braun Satin Hair Colour straightener purchased you will receive complementary high quality salon clips for great straight styles along with the heat resistant beauty case.
People have developed ideas of how to apply new advances in material science to coatings," Braun says.
A voracious reader and talented conversationalist with fluency in several languages, an accomplished pianist and cello player, an experienced aviator, and an avid scuba diver, von Braun displayed limitless curiosity.
Mark Braun Architekten from Berlin are the recently chosen winners of this two-stage competition.
It was a big momentum swing,'' said Braun, carrying on the role of team sparkplug that his older brother Ryan held last season before he moved on to play collegiately at Miami.
1, Philip Hung will serve as president of Braun Inc.
From the launch of the Braun sixtant SM 31 shaver in 1962, and the trademark Braun micron plus/2000 in 1979, Braun is recognised for an aesthetic of form and function, with a focus on ease of use and consistent breakthrough technical innovation.
com)-- Braun Industries is excited to announce that Emergency Equipment Professionals will be representing the brand in Alabama and Mississippi.
No one's been looking forward to a new television season more than we have,'' Lloyd Braun, chairman of the ABC Entertainment Television Group, told the nation's TV critics with a weary smile on his face.
The company took that approach with its Braun Oral-B plaque remover, and the mix of the two well-known Gillette properties has helped propel the product to a leading position in the oral care market.