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Synonyms for brat

Synonyms for brat

a small pork sausage


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'We are hoping that BRATS becomes a celebration of life, where ideas merge with inspiration and passion.
(These communists are spoiled brats. You'd think they're the ones in government by the way they make demands.)
The Who drummer Keith Moon claimed he was a Hollywood Brats fan after they played a show in London.
Victor Mason Stone, another one of the brats, is now a lawyer turned private investigator.
MARC LIEVREMONT blasted a section of his France squad as "spoilt brats" after he discovered some players went out to celebrate their World Cup semi-final win against Wales.
Marriott International Inc (NYSE: MAR), a US-based company that owns and operates hotel properties, has announced hosting of an upcoming event with Leinenkugel Brothers and Brats at Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel (the hotel) in Chicago, US.
Research has confirmed what the sensible among us have always known: that if you treat children like brats, they turn into brats.
Musil is one of millions of Americans who are known as "military brats"--children who grew up on U.S.
THERE'S a lot of noise and excitement on stage, but by and large, in Roald Dahl's tale of noisome brats let loose in a chocolate factory, it does not spread into the audience.
That's how the irrepressible Dave ends up at the HHB (Hopeless House of Beggars, Hell Hole for Brats, or Hebrew Home for Boys).
From Seafood Newburg; Apple-Stuffed Pork Crown Roast; Beer Brats; and Butternut Squash Casserole; to Hot Cross Buns; White Layer Cake; Cheese Bread; and Pina Colada, "The Good Home Cookbook" will prove to be the cornerstone volume of any family cookbook collection.
IT SHOULDN'T be a problem for the brats taking part in the new version of the show, as this time their parents are coming along too.
>THE SITCH You've sat for the neighborhood brats for months, and you cringe when their parents call.
With echoes of the sickly Steve Martin vehicle Cheaper By The Dozen, Yours, Mine & Ours is a light-hearted yarn of family trouble and strife featuring not just 12 brats...