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Synonyms for brat

Synonyms for brat

a small pork sausage


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A tray of drinks came over with a note saying 'The Hollywood Brats are the greatest band I've ever seen,'" Andrew said.
He suspects that one of the brats, adept at playing both ends against the middle, is up to his old tricks.
She made the movie with the help of a crew of military brats, to let other brats know they belong to a unique subculture of America and that they aren't alone.
So now it's up to Villaraigosa to be the yard lady, and make the board brats cooperate.
gt;THE SITCH You've sat for the neighborhood brats for months, and you cringe when their parents call.
Their parents had given up on them and as a last resort had sent their brats to this camp in America.
pausing occasionally to wipe my brow as I tended earnestly to the brats on my hulking Char-Broil gas grill.
The only time I registered a flicker of interest was when Cathy took on her monstrous grandchildren, brats one and all, and made them do things her way.
Wisconsin has long been known for its Badgers, and thanks to retired grocer Tom Metcalfe, it's also known for brats.
The Naked Chef) hosted a Wine Brats benefit in San Francisco last month.
We are all well-adjusted like all the rest of the brats I've met.
The Eighth Annual "Brews, Brats & Bands" celebration took place August 17-18 in Stevens Point, WI.
He said that they were exactly the brats he grew to know in Germany.
Children misbehave hilariously and are punished outrageously in his nonsense poems published in Brats (1986), Fresh Brats (1990), and Drat These Brats