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a city in central Romania in the foothills of the Transylvanian Alps

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Examples are Brasso Perfumes Air Wick by Reckitt Benckiser, an...
And to SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie, who took to Twitter to insist the bridge wasn't actually falling down and the diversions were working brilliantly, some Brasso for his neck.
get a brasso tin and put yuh private business in it bury it on the first
More recently, Brasso and Emslie (2006) reported sage-grouse bones from the late Pleistocene from Sandia Cave in Las Huertas Canyon, in southern Sandoval County (Fig.
He surveyed the impressive array of trophies that would keep Brasso in business for a decade.
"I really shouldn't," protested pouting, wellendowed Donna, 19, a Brasso factory worker from Penkridge, as I and Snakehips Johnson hovered over her, clutching a Mr Whippy with crushed nuts and syrup.
Choose from sarees with detailed embellishments, printed patterns, satin stripes or sheer lace in silk, crepe, cotton, brocade or brasso.
The Welsh team's recent glorious performance on the rugby field - their third Six Nations Grand Slam in eight years, accompanying a 20th Triple Crown win just weeks before - has given our collective sporting pride a darn good buffing with a cloth and some Brasso, replacing it upon the national mantelpiece alongside the glittering spoils from those '70s glory days when Gareth Edwards, Barry John and JPR Williams wore red and courted gold. I also loved the range of internet radios from Scottish-based Revo (; the odd-looking toed running shoes from Fivefingers (; mouldable silicon rubber Sugru ( and, finally, Brasso ( No, not the stuff your auntie used to clean her knick-knacks, but Brasso Gadgetcare, a new alcohol-based solution to clean the screen on your smartphone or iPad which, let's face it, soon gets covered in fingermarks.
I bought a radio for our room, a packet of cigarettes, loads of sweets and pop, boot polish, Brasso and cleaning cloths.
It was just an advert for Brasso and Silvo showing a living room with the table set for tea.
Several hours later, some very fine sandpaper and a can of Brasso gave the results pictured.
Two minutes after the restart Beattie's 20-yard lob went over Brasso, but also the bar.
Gallons of Brasso are expended on them all and most are in steam and many moving: sometimes at speed.