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The unprecedented rain affected lots of young plants, so problems with brassicas across the board are likely into winter."
The hybrid brassica Redstart is sometimes used as a break crop in the grassland reseeding process, typically being drilled in the early summer.
As heavy feeders, brassicas will do well following legumes in garden rotation.
I often broadcast the blend of radishes, wheat and brassicas over a stand of soybeans.
There are several resistant strains of most brassicas. Try raising your seedlings and grow them on to a good size before planting out.
are the important insect pests of Brassica crops in Southern Punjab, Pakistan.
Raya [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.] germplasm included in the Brassica breeding program for the development of canola type verities was screened for quality traits.
The lack of popularity of brassicas among some people can often been attributed to overcooking and the sometimes unpleasant odour given off during cooking due to the sulphur content.
Pick yellowing leaves off Brussels sprouts and other brassicas promptly, to prevent spread of grey mould and brassica downy mildew.
Record Rack's Perennial Food Plot affords year-round forage through a blend of clovers and alfalfa, and the Greens & Grains Food Plot blend offers a blend of cereal grains, annual clovers and brassicas designed to thrive in a variety of soil types.
Forecasting of Lipaphis erysimi on oilseed Brassicas in India a case study.
It is high in calcium, like other brassicas, and it also has high levels of vitamins A and C.
Brassicas - including kale, fodder beet, swedes and stubble turnips - can fill short-term summer grazing gaps or be a means of out-wintering stock, he said.
Genetics, genomics and breeding of oilseed Brassicas.