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Las familias mas diversas fueron Asteraceae (31 especies), Poaceae (17), Fabaceae (8), Brassicaceae (5), Orobanchaceae (3), Rosaceae (3) y Solanaceae (3) (Figura 3).
Brassicaceae are among the most important sources of food waste both due to the product size and to all pre-market machining processes required before sale.
Subgroup AI includes abundant taxa in the first observations: Brassicaceae, Poaceae 35 [micro]m and Cheno-Ams were recorded throughout the entire period, with high values throughout the study.
Moreover, through these modern technique and procedures, comparative genetic and cytogenetic studies can conducts karyotyping and genome evolution in members of Brassicaceae (Lysak and Koch, 2011).
One clue came from the observation that Arabidopsis plants--which belong to the Brassicaceae (mustard or cabbage) family--mature and open their seed pods faster when grown at elevated temperatures, according to the study.
Wasabi comes from the Brassicaceae family and is also called 'Japanese horseradish', although horseradish is a different plant.
FAMILIA ESPECIE SITIO LLANO LLANOS LLANO SALADO MALPAIS Materia Vegetal Agavaceae Yucca periculosa * X Asteraceae Bidens anthemoides X Bidens bipinnatifida X Taraxacum officinale X X X Cactaceae Opuntia huajuapensis X X Opuntia robusta X X Cylindropuntia rosea X X Caryophyllaceae Cardionema ramosissimum X Brassicaceae Brassica rapa X X X Euphorbiaceae Croton dioicus * X Onagraceae Erigeron pubescens * X X Papaveraceae Argemone platyceras X X X Poaceae Avena sativa X X X Bouteloua scorpioides * X X X Hordeum vulgare X X X Muhlenbergia ramulosa X Muhlenbergia repens X X Paspalum sp.
The plant family Brassicaceae is well known as a source of vegetables (e.g., cabbage, turnip, bok choy, mustard greens) but the seeds from some brassica species also have been a source of oil for more than 4,000 years, with the oil used initially as lamp oil, then as an industrial lubricant, and more recently as edible oil.
Broccoli (Brassica oleracea italica) belongs to the plant family Brassicaceae (also Cruciferae), known as the "cabbage family" or "mustard family." The three main varieties of broccoli are calabrese, the most familiar, which has a large green flowered head and thick stalks: sprouting (also called broccoli rabe, Chinese broccoli and rapini), which has several small heads and many thin stalks; and romanesco, which has small yellow-green cone-shaped, spiraled heads.
The results showed that the highest density weeds of was recorded from Brassicaceae family, whereas, the lowest weed density was recorded in lamiaceae family.
Previous studies have shown that soil amendments with plant materials of members of family Brassicaceae significantly reduced disease incidence caused by fungal pathogens (Subbarao et al., 1994).
La composicion del polen secundario y de menor importancia, fue similar para ambas cosechas, se destacan Brassicaceae, Baccharis sp.