white mustard

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Eurasian mustard cultivated for its pungent seeds

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In addition to repeated vaginal washing and soaking the feet in Brassica alba and Viscum album, a spoon of Alchemilla vulgaris is ground and dissolved in one litre of water to be taken by the wife if she suffers from a prolapse of the uterus.
Mustard seed is a small round seed from three principal types of mustard plants: black mustard (Brassica nigra), brown Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) and white mustard (Brassica alba).
The plant, brassica, was given the common name "mustard" after the condiment, and there are three most common types: White (or yellow) mustard, brassica alba, the mildest of the three is most common in American ballpark-style mustards; brown mustard, brassica juncea, from which strong Dijon mustard is made; and black mustard, brassica nigra, the strongest variety, found most often in India and the Middle East.
and Norris, F.W., 'The Nature and Composition of the Mucilage From Seeds of White Mustard (Brassica alba)', Biochem.