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The research work continues to develop and implement sustainable management strategies that would reduce the hazards of pesticide use and effectively control the insect pests in brassica and be acceptable to growers.
Antinociceptive activity of methanol extract of Brassica juncea leaves was examined using previously described procedures of Deb et al.
If you are setting up a one- or two-acre, cool-season mix of brassicas and winter peas to be planted in August, you should seek woodland plots with "soft edges" in the form of thick transition cover that makes deer feel comfortable traveling to the edge of your plot.
We are excited to work with CBC in Asia as we believe they have the sales and technical resources needed to successfully market and sell high value nutraceutical ingredients such as SGS," says Brassica CEO, Tony Talalay.
Tesco began trialling brassica bouquets in a handful of supermarkets a few years ago but now sells them in its UK stores.
It is high in calcium, like other brassicas, and it also has high levels of vitamins A and C.
Swedes and fodder beet are up to 18% DM and all brassica crops have a digestibility of over 80%, said Mr Morgan.
Their topics include the diversity and taxonomy of Brassica oil crops, classical genetics and traditional breeding, Brassica proteomics and metabolomics, towards a genomic selection in oilseed Brassica, and the genetics and genomics of insect resistance in Brassica crops.
In this study, we evaluated the antiproliferative activity of juice obtained from leaves of several varieties of Brassica oleracea on both estrogen receptor (ER)-positive (ER+; MCF-7 and BT474) and ER-negative (ER-;MDA-MB-231 and BT20) human breast cancer cell lines.
London, August 29 (ANI): Sequencing the genome of a Chinese cabbage variety of a plant called Brassica rapa, a close relative of oilseed rape, could help improve the efficiency of crop breeding and ensure our future food security, BBSRC-funded scientists say.
root has long been a source of annoyance for brassica growers, but this week's special offer features varieties developed by experts at DT Brown, which show a natural resistance to the scourge.
To order by credit/ debit card call 0844 811 6781, quoting SMH15612, or send a cheque made payable to MGN Ltd, to Brassica Offer, SMH15612, Mr.