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In his 1951 autobiography A Doctors' Pilgrimage (shades of John Bunyan again?), Edmund Brasset, when learning that he would probably begin his career in Canso, Nova Scotia--a place with the "reputation of being the most desolate, dreary, poverty-stricken and shabby place in the whole country ...
Brasset, A Doctor's Pilgrimage." An Autobiography (Philadelphia: J.B.
OLD TIME: Peter Brasset from Beamish, County Durham, with heavy horses Bonnie and Clyde.
Naomi credits roshambo winemaker Paul Brasset for significantly aiding in roshambo's evolution.
Roshambo winemaker Paul Brasset, whose resume includes Clos du Bois, Fritz Cellars, and Pezzi King, is already making an excellent Merlot, among other varietals.
Our data suggests, however, that all three inspectors in Saskatchewan and Inspector Brasset in Alberta never inspected bilingual schools, and that the seven remaining inspectors occasionally visited only those bilingual schools located within their regular inspectorial boundaries (Burelle, 1984; Huel, 1983b; Lapointe & Tessier, 198 6, p.
Yesterday Peter Brasset, who won last year, former world champion Jim Elliott and newcomer Lee Harrison prepared to welcome their challengers with Bonnie, the Clydesdale.