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The ultra-violent nightmare horror feature film where girls fight with brass knuckles, barb-wire, and glass fistfights to the death inside a brutal steel cage - all for a chance at a multi-million dollar contract with an international modeling agency and is inspired by true events.
CLINTON - It all started with a pair of brass knuckles and ended with the confiscation of a large number of illegal weapons.
I had hidden around me knives, sticks, shanks, brass knuckles, whatever.
According to an arrest affidavit, Eugene police found a used syringe with methamphetamine residue, a metal box containing two bags of methamphetamine and a pair of brass knuckles in Nielsen's pants pockets.
According the incident report, the suspect was stopped by the police and officers found nine guns, three knives, brass knuckles, suppressors, and various types of ammunition in his car, NBC reported.
Police also found a knife on one suspect and brass knuckles on another.
According to a police report, two men entered the kiosk and attacked the 25-year-old cashier with a metal chain and brass knuckles, injuring him on the head and torso, robbed the cash register and fled.
For the record, 'kitted up' means that the fans were packing mixed martial arts fighting gloves, carried fanny packs with brass knuckles or other similar implements, and were carrying cartons of long-life milk - a street-smart antidote to tear gas fired by the police.
Annalise Bradley, sophomore at Danville High, in a fictitious suburb in central Massachusetts, is crushed when her mom fails to secure tickets to the Brass Knuckles concert and laments to other Knucklies on social media.
Along with Jacob's brawn and Evie's stealth, players use a new arsenal of weapons, including a kukri knife, brass knuckles and sword cane in brutal combat, and utilize the brand-new rope launcher to scale buildings in seconds or take enemies by surprise.
4 grams of marihuana, brass knuckles (prohibited weapon), pepper spray (offensive weapon) and three cell phones.
The three interviewed said they had been beaten while being taken into custody, and again on arrival at the police station, with rifle butts, fire extinguishers, chains, batons and brass knuckles, and threatened with further abuse and death.
Those weapons included firearms, knives, clubs, brass knuckles and chains with padlocks attached to them, Waco Police said in a Facebook post.
The FBI also found equipment to make counterfeit credit cards, an unregistered handgun and brass knuckles at his residence.
All miscreants carrying weapons, daggers and brass knuckles ran off the site, soon after, Aabpara police reached at spot however police refuse to arrest any of them at the spot.