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a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece

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Marcus Egan outside Swansea Crown Court CCTV video grab at the business of scrap dealer Marcus Egan, right, showing thieves Andrew Beer, 38, Jason Power, 35, and Christopher Davies, 22, unloading various brass instruments from their car
Most other extended treatments of the development of brass instruments have concentrated attention on technology and design.
A group of inmates played the Rocky theme tune and The Great Escape on brass instruments during the Princess Royal's visit yesterday.
A lifelong musician, he played all brass instruments (especially the trumpet), as well as violin, piano and organ.
Rae, who specialised in brass instruments and conducted a band, was also alleged to have hugged her in his car.
It's sound is quite unique and I really hope that more youngsters take up brass instruments, otherwise bands like ours will become a thing of the past.
Some of them are designed to sound like brass instruments, others like flutes or oboes.
These microscopes are all beautifully made brass instruments," Ford says.
If the television gave some coverage to brass bands perhaps we might get more young people learning to play brass instruments.
Led by Lawrence Killian it features a full range of orchestral brass instruments and solos for piccolo, trumpet and flugel horn.
Newsome gives the reader an in-depth insight into the brass instruments and their development into the standard instrumentation of the present day brass band.
Included in the installation are several brass and copper instruments created from recycled plumbing components, car exhaust systems and cannibalised parts from retired brass instruments.