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BRASILIA: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Brasilia on Monday seeking support for his controversial nuclear program, the first leg of a South American tour that critics say could dent Brazil's ambitions on the global diplomatic stage.
embassy in Brasilia celebrated Heart Health Awareness Month with a nutritionist speaking on healthier eating.
Address for correspondence: Pedro Luiz Tauil, Departments of Social Medicine and Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brasilia, 70910-900, Brasilia, DF, Brazil; email: pltauil@unb.
This new route will allow passengers coming from Buenos Aires to make immediate connections in Brasilia, with easy access to the destinations served by TAM in the North and Northeast regions.
Brasilia, Strada Provinciale gressana Salice, 27050 Retorbido (PV) Italy.
The city has one of the country's best courses, the Clube de Golfe de Brasilia, 15 minutes from the hotel.
Among its most interesting aspects is the juxtaposition of Niemeyer and the other Carioca (Rio) architects responsible for the more familiar work up to and including Brasilia with the Paulista (Sao Paulo) architects who have since dominated the scene.
Brasilia wasn't the first city to be designed by a small cadre of planners and built from scratch.
The band was returning from a sold-out concert Saturday in Brasilia and was to fly Sunday to Portugal to work on a second album.
Building upon positive consumer response to this collection, Trex introduced a new color and a new fastening system to the Trex Brasilia collection at the 2008 International Builders' Show (IBS).
para]]TAM Airlines to inaugurate new Orlando to Brasilia route; LAN Peru to launch first-ever nonstop flight between Orlando and Lima[[/para]]
Already, Telebras has completed the bidding process to construct the two control centres (in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro) and the five gateways to be located in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, sharing control centre space, and Salvador, Campo Grande and Florianopolis.
The summit, which will be the Indian Prime Minister's first multilateral interaction abroad, will held in Fortaleza and Brasilia from July 14 to 16.
The Brazilians came to realize Iran's power and were surprised in the first leg of their two matches against the Asian champions in Brasilia last Friday, when the Iranians were about to win their first match against their hosts, but eventually lost the result.
The protests in Brasilia, in which police fired tear gas and one officer was shot in the leg with an arrow, forced the cancellation of a ceremony to exhibit the World Cup trophy.