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In the Forum Merdeka Barat (FMB) Media Discussion 9 titled "Moving the Capital City: Learning from the Experience of a Friend State", located in the Meeting Room of Benny S Mulyana, Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN) / National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Jakarta On Wednesday (07/10/2019), Sudaryomo added, the transfer of the Brazilian capital succeeded in growing at least 20 satellite cities around Brasilia. "As the capital city, Brasilia also has very good economic growth," he said.
on lessons learned and the prospects of the SUS in the Federal District of Brasilia are academically and exclusively recorded in the annals of Brazilian Public Health, enabling us to conduct an analys.
Speaking on the occasion, the President of the National Association of Writers of Brazil, Fabio de Sousa Coutinho said: "Today's launch at ANE's headquarters is the culmination of an exemplary trajectory, traversed by the Indian intellectual and diplomat Abhay Kumar in the last three years in Brasilia. Abhay exercised among us, with visible results, one of the noblest forms of diplomacy, namely, the bringing people together by cultural ties, always bearing in mind that culture is the ultimate bulwark of democracy, universal value."
The seventh edition of the World Junior Wushu Championships opened in Brasilia on July 9 and will run through July 16, 2018.
Brasilia se tornou a sintese do Estado nacional brasileiro, seu planejamento encontrou, em poucas decadas, obices ao utopismo arquitetonico vigente em suas linhas e curvas e, mais que a forma, seu conteudo alastrou-se para alem de sua delimitacao fisica geometrica, como e o caso da interdependencia, economica principalmente, com a regiao do Entorno de Goias, visivel, por exemplo, na formacao da Regiao Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno.
The Brazilian capital of Brasilia is widely considered to be a masterpiece of modernist architecture.
Brasilia serves as a hub for TAM's domestic operations.
Brazil 247 news outlet reported, citing police that currently some 7,000 demonstrators are taking part in the protests rallies in the country's capital of Brasilia alone.
Collegiate Chapters Brasilia 3 Sunday, March 22 2:15-3:15 p.m.
Fourteen heads of state and government, as well as United States VicePresident Joe Biden, attended the swearing-in ceremony at the country's parliament in the capital, Brasilia.
Marcio de Oliveira, Brasilia entre le mythe et la nation
SPECTACLE Orange-tinted supermoon rises behind a tree in Brasilia
Rights of Way to Brasilia Teimosa: The Politics of Squatter Settlement
MY favourite World Cup venue was the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia. Why?
Don't miss the final at the Maracana (Sun, BBC1 and ITV, 7pm), or the third place play-off (Sat, ITV, 8.30pm) from Brasilia.