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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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Doodle Bra is a great gift for someone or just for yourself.
WHAT TO BUY: Aim to find three to five bras in a range of colors and styles, Kim says.
But 63% of the women polled were wearing the wrong bra size and 37% admitted to having never being fitted - meaning 6,000 bras sold at Debenhams a week may be in the wrong size.
3 This full cup, non-wired bra has standard straps and pockets on both sides with pretty lace overlay detail.
Some people just took off their bras in the pub and put them straight in the bucket.
Singer and Grismaijer studied nearly 5,000 women in Fiji and found that women who wore their bras for 18-24 hours a day had over 100 times more eases of breast cancer than women who went bra-less
Bras can also be donated in the post at: Bra Bank, c/o Flamingo, The Old Bake House, Downs Park East, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QD.
As Scientific American explains, this is a myth that sprung up in the mid-'90s after a pair of medical anthropologists claimed that by inhibiting "lymphatic drainage" bras somehow trapped toxins in the breast tissue, which led to cancer.
While unwanted new bras can be resold in the UK, used bras are being shipped to Senegal to boost a second hand clothes trading scheme, Frip Ethique, that's supporting the local economy and Oxfam.
For a bit of indulgence try Cotton Club Stargate champagne bra featuring delicate lace detail, pounds 80, and matching thong, pounds 50 from Silk Storm, Next's dusky pink or apple green pintuck silk blend padded bra, pounds 11.
Approximately 10 per cent of women stuff their bras.
More than 65 bras - yes, those unmentionables that hold up the area close to every woman's heart - have been transformed into works of art and will provide a means of support when they are auctioned off for breast cancer research and assistance to local cancer patients.
Bravissimo issues a guide for those contemplating sports bras, and it makes chilling reading.
Emma Harris is a professional fitter for Chantelle bras.