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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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And because we women need more than one nude bra in our closet, the line comes in a wide variety of best-loved styles for our different fashion needs.
Soft flexible underwire can help support the breast, but this must be specifically for use in nursing bras.
There are a number of sleep bras available, which are soft but give a supportive feel.
KISSBOBO's bras offer adjustable cleavage enhancement.
amp;nbsp;In the early 1990s, bras were referred to as "bust bodices" or "BBs.
DECENT EXPOSURE BARDOT necklines, strappy camis and 'cold shoulder' tops - unless you intend to go bra-less - all call for a supportive strapless bra.
During the Second World War, as more and more women work in factories, they claim the torpedo-shaped bras offer added protection while working on production lines.
WHAT TO BUY: Aim to find three to five bras in a range of colors and styles, Kim says.
But 63% of the women polled were wearing the wrong bra size and 37% admitted to having never being fitted - meaning 6,000 bras sold at Debenhams a week may be in the wrong size.
As the class winds to a close, everyone will want to show oft" their bras.
While bra manufacturers certainly can track the sizes that consumers buy the most, bra fit experts say there is no true "average" bra size, largely because bras vary so much from model to model and from brand to brand that any true estimates are virtually impossible to ascertain.
In addition to running the store with her husband, Tim, co-owner D'Lacey Haight is also co-chair of the community's "Bras Across the Bridge" fundraiser, which collected more than 1,100 bras from across the country to string across both sides of a local bridge.
UKPRwire, Tue Jun 28 2011] Debenhams has launched its lightest ever t-shirt bra, weighing in at just 48g, as the answer to the perfect everyday bra.
Most of the bras will go to remote villages in Kenya and Zimbabwe through charity Villages of Hope which provides food, education and healthcare to needy communities.