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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Contribution of each author: Contribution Renata Huhn Jorge Brantes Nunes Ferreira 1.
Measuring potentially avoidable care costs is a step toward improving quality and affordability of care, says de Brantes.
The PPACA's effect on how that number may be shifting is still in the early stages of research (de Brantes & D'Andrea, 2009).
44) They included royal favourites and their dependents, "especially Luynes, his brother Brantes, and his brother-in-law Rochefort.
So far, none of BTE's employers or payers have formally committed to the program, Francois de Brantes, CEO of the coalition, said in an interview.
de Brantes noted that the rewards won't be limited to primary care physicians.
Arriagada M, Arteaga E, Bianchi M, Brantes S, Montano R, Osorio E, et al.
Uranga quiso aclarar la esencia nacional echando mano de las herramientas de la fenomenologia y el existencialismo, lo que tuvo como resultado un trio de ensayos deslum brantes y de tesis fallidas.
Screenplay, Onteniente, Emmanuel de Brantes, Philippe Guillard, Menu Booz.
Plain but formidable, the Marquise de Brantes (Charlus's aunt) looks as modern as Ethel Mertz with a Parisian makeover: sporting a chic black neckerchief and surprisingly 2002ish black leather wristband.
On the stone-paved ground floor of the Aigle museum, one finds all the picturesque accoutrements of traditional winemaking: huge oakwood presses (the oldest dating from 1600); handmade barrels, which were developed by the Gauls as a practical alternative to the breakable Roman jars; the copper stills used to produce marc and which illustrate the ties between ancient viticulture and alchemy; the heavy but picturesque wooden baskets called brantes that grape pickers used to carry on their backs but which have been replaced by lighter plastic containers.
de Brantes (Paris: Editions de l'Etoile/Cahiers du cinema, 1989), p.
Do we want honey from Brantes in the mountains (population 81) to go with our own figs and creme fraiche?
According to Francois de Brantes, executive director, HCI3, momentum is building around this healthcare reform initiative: "Bundled payment activity is clearly expanding with government commitment through the Affordable Care Act.