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someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

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I've seen her address a room of several hundred people and, in the course of a ten-minute speech, pivot effortlessly from girlish enthusiasm to braniac gravitas.
Even though his Top Gear obligations take up much of his time, Hammond has proved himself to be a versatile presenter with shows like Total Wipeout, Braniac: Science Abuse, and more recently, Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections.
Given just enough time to establish name, rank and specialist skill are squad members Snake Eyes (Ray Park), a silent type; Scarlett (Rachel Nichols), a crossbow-wielding braniac; and Breaker (Said Taghmaoui), who's a whiz with electronics.
In the Disney Channel's original movie High School Musical, basketball heartthrob Zac Efron and fresh-faced "braniac" Vanessa Anne Hudgens play Troy and Gabriella.
A box containing something called the Braniac Electric Brain Kit (see above) was sold for $2,160.
JASON AND KYRA (Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children, $16.99) by Dana Davidson tackles the crazy world of high school and asks the question, Can the popular basketball star fall in the love with the braniac? The author speaks to teenagers in a truthful, urban voice on peer pressure, love, sex and responsibility.
Browse for a braniac in the personals section Buy your geek gear, Nerdslut T shirts and boxers, in the store.
* HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: Ryan (Tristan Robinson) and Braniac Taylor McKessie (Helen Winter) don't seem to be too impressed by their school basketball team which is captained by Troy Bolton (Adam Stokes, back centre)
Which former Big Brother contestant went on to present Braniac: Science Abuse on Sky television?
1 Braniac Live Strap on your safety goggles, boys and girls: Sky One's award-winning Brainiac arrives with a bang, more mischievous than ever seen before, on a breathless ride through the wild world of the weird and wonderful.
After being evicted, Jon joined Top Gear's Richard Hammond to present Braniac Science Abuse, a role he still enjoys today.