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broken husks of the seeds of cereal grains that are separated from the flour by sifting

food prepared from the husks of cereal grains

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We start the study by introducing D1[perpendicular to]D5 branes and discussing the influence of the electric field on the low energy and the volume of D5-brane in section 2.
Matter: Liquid and solid, gray and white, relates to underlying constituents of brain-brane vibrations, e.g., an electromagnetic field in both the human brain, and string theory's brane.
Niels Obers and his two doctoral students Jay Armas and Jakob Gath have now made a new breakthrough in the description of the physics of black holes based on the theories of the black branes and blackfolds,
While the branes are separated, they stretch and smooth out; the cosmos is expanding just as it is today.
What's more, Guth adds, "recent advances in string theory make the whole enterprise appear much more plausible." In 1999, for example, Tye and New York University physicist Gia Dvali showed how inflation might arise through the gravitational attraction of membranes, or "branes," which, along with strings, serve as fundamental units of space-time (S&T: June 2003, page 38).
are still busily employed in dressing Elk's skins for cloathing, they find great difficulty for the want of branes [23 Jan 06 ML 6.230] (animal brains were used for tanning leather)
Outlasting conventional protection methods, MAR-FLEX 5000 and MAR-FLEX 5000 Water Based are tested and proven waterproofing mere branes that can be applied over almost any clean, dry, sound substrate.
"This decision is certainly binding on all trial courts in Pennsylvania, and it will more than likely have substantial persuasive value in federal courts," said Mark Tanner, a Philadelphia attorney who argued the appeal on behalf of plaintiff Branes Southard and his wife.
Then, these branes are compacted on three circles via two different ways (symmetrically and antisymmetrically), and two bosonic and fermionic parts of action for M0-branes are created.
The fluctuations of funnel solutions of intersecting D1 and D3 branes are quite explicitly discussed by treating different modes and different directions of the fluctuation at the presence of world volume electric field.
"In string theory, the black hole can be seen as built from strings and branes," says Zwiebach.
And besides one-dimensional strings, the abstruse mathematics of M-theory allows for the existence of higher-dimensional fundamental objects, which string theorists refer to as membranes, or branes for short.