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Fundador Exclusivo is a matured Brandy de Jerez with an intense dark gold color.
Those guests curious about brandy's range can order The Really Damn Good Flight ($30), tastes of Pisco Porton, Lepanto Brandy de Jerez and Pierre Ferrand.
It is the Mexican equivalent of Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva, the highest designation bestowed on a Brandy de Jerez.
The country's principal appellation, Brandy de Jerez, also happens to be the largest and most revered.
Cesar Saldana, director general of Brandy de Jerez Regulatory Council, was on hand to give a description of each.
France, Spain and Italy were all wine producing countries where grapes were plentiful; as a result they developed a tradition of distilling wine or the leftovers from the winemaking process and gave the world cognac, armagnac, brandy de jerez and grappa.