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Just like whiskey libraries and Tequileria concepts, a few establishments have dedicated themselves to brandy, with extensive collections and innovative brandy cocktails.
Living Room barman Conor makes a brandy cocktail Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL' Some of the brandies on offer at Savina Mexican restaurant, Duke Street
NOGGIN A Brandy cocktail B Small mug or wooden cup C Stump or snag who am I?
Crunk Juce is an energy drink and brandy cocktail in a can, invented by American rapper Lil Jon.
The bar is kept at a chilly -5C all year round, and I still haven't worked out whether it was the brandy cocktail or the duvet-like coat I was given to wear by a waitress that kept me warm.
An office worker fighting alcoholism drank 15 pints of lager and two and half pints of a Jack Daniels, Tia Maria and brandy cocktail before attacking a paramedic.
At Bonhomme Hospitality Group, "We always have at least one brandy cocktail on our lists, and usually a Cognac or American brandy on the menu," Pearce says.