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butter and sugar creamed together with brandy or other flavoring and served with rich puddings

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Rebuzzi says the pudding will happily keep in the fridge or a cool, dry place until Christmas Day, when you'll need to steam it again for another hour, before serving with your favourite brandy butter or cream (he serves his with brandy custard, yum!).
Steam for another two to three hours on Christmas Day and serve with either brandy butter, rum sauce, cream or custard.
Eat it with low-fat custard or fat-free Greek yoghurt instead of brandy butter or cream.
The other two courses will include a choice of Christmas puddings with brandy sauce; Sherry trifle; or Mince pie and brandy butter, in addition to Cider brandy truffles and a choice of Colston Basset Stilton Cheese or Mont D'Or Vacherin.
The talented 19-year-old from Kenfig Hill in Bridgend, who is attached to Philip Hobbs's Minehead yard, boosted his final score to 41 at Market Rasen when deputising for the injured Danny Cook on 15-length scorer Brandy Butter - following up his success at Newton Abbot the previous evening - to gain his first victory for trainer David Pipe.
Opt for low-fat or low-sugar custard made with semi-skimmed milk or low-fat creme fraiche instead of brandy butter as an accompaniment to Christmas pudding.
Markus has created four other Somerset Butters in the 'enrich your food' range: Wholegrain Mustard, enriched with Tracklements Wholegrain and Dijon Mustards, Cider Brandy Butter, laced with three year old Somerset Cider Brandy, Spiced Honey sweetened with West Country Honey from the National Bee Centre in Devon and Roast Garlic with rich caramelised flavours.
It comprises: Luxury Brandy Cream with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (200ml), Luxury Brandy Butter with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (200g), Pourable Brandy Cream with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (250ml), Luxury Coffee Liqueur Cream with Tia Maria[R] (200ml), Luxury Sherry Cream with Harveys[R] Bristol (200ml).
If you're a stickler for tradition then you can't go wrong with a small portion of Christmas pudding served with either brandy butter or whipped cream.
WHERE TO GET THE CHEAPEST XMAS DINNER 1 Lidl PS25.13 2 Aldi PS25.94 3 Tesco PS27.23 4 Asda PS30.15 5 Co-op PS31.79 6 Sainsbury's PS33.75 7 Iceland PS34.33 8 M&S PS36.24 9 Morrisons PS36.99 10 Waitrose PS49.02 THE BEST VALUE Turkey (small frozen): Lidl/Aldi PS8.99 ONE-STOP SHOP Potatoes 2kg: M&S 40p Stuffing mix, 170g: Lidl/Aldi 34p Brussels sprouts 800g: Tesco PS0.58 Cranberry sauce 200g: Tesco 54p Carrots 800g (loose): M&S 40p Parsnips 600g (loose): M&S 80p Christmas pudding 900g: Tesco PS3 (2x 454g classic Christmas pudding) Brandy butter 200g: Aldi/Lidl PS1.49 Mince pies x 8: Lidl Favorina PS1.59 Christmas cake: Asda PS4 (2x 400g ice fruit cake bar)
Then, of course, the Christmas lunch - turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing and all the trimmings, followed by mince pies and Christmas pudding with brandy butter. Mmm this is making me hungry just thinking about it!
Kopke Colheita Port 2003, Portugal (PS16.99, 37.5cl, Majestic) A perfect pairing with a little bit of what you fancy - and dollop of brandy butter on the side.