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the territory of an Elector (of the Holy Roman Empire) that expanded to become the kingdom of Prussia in 1701

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Brandenburg outlined apparent evidence that immense nuclear explosions happened on Mars twice, attacking two sites of the early life -- the Cydonians and the Utopians.
Our knee jerk reaction was that they were trying to intimidate us," says Brandenburg.
Berlin Brandenburg passengers will be able to access basic complimentary Wi-Fi services or upgrade to premium service for higher bandwidth activities.
He said that he had been accosted on a train in Brandenburg three years ago by drunks who threw his Hebrew prayer book to the ground.
The Energy Strategy 2020 of the State of Brandenburg defines the increase of the overall share of renewable energies in primary energy consumption to 20 percent until the year 2020.
After the TV cameras left, Brandenburg set to work on combating the difficulties the site posed by employing several innovative measures.
Von Brandenburg records all her tableaux vivants on Super-8 film for the length of a reel (approximately two minutes and thirty seconds).
Brandenburg tied up two barges right next to the building to catch any falling debris, purely as a safety measure.
The west side, as main gate, was always the most formal and symmetrical, and the Brandenburg Gate as we know it today was added in 1789.
Stavenow, in east-Elbian Brandenburg, offers an excellent example of the classic Junker estate--too modest for an aristocratic magnate, yet large enough to boast an impressive manor house graced with Renaissance gables and family portraits.
Born in Bartlesville, OK, on August 19, 1926, Brandenburg served in the Navy in the Pacific during World War II.
Meanwhile Germans had conquered the Brandenburg area to the west and the margraves, or marcher lords, of Brandenburg became Electors of the Holy Roman Empire.
I believe that almost everyone in Moorpark is really excited about this project, to have their name on a wall that will be there for posterity,'' said Ginger Brandenburg, director of Moorpark High School's business academy, which is coordinating the sale of the bricks for the project.
Confronting Sexual Harassment: What Schools and Colleges Can Do, by Judith Berman Brandenburg.
Initially, the federal trial judge threw Siegel's case out on summary judgment, ruling that there was no need for a trial: The 1969 Supreme Court decision in Brandenburg v.