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Auto Business News-July 31, 2019--Hero MotoCorp vehicles not to be sold under Hero brand name
Therefore, in our study, number magnitude in luxury brand names represents the consumer's cognitive distinction based on quantity (Gevers, Reynvoet, & Fias, 2003).
Brand names: Organyc, Unyque, Elyte, Lady Presteril, Cottony, Sicura
The next step is the creation of a set of potential brand names. Such names must consider both the target audience and the product benefits, Beahm notes.
In its study, the ACP looked at how often brand name drugs are used when generic versions are available, how the use of generics influences adherence, whether brand names and generics have similar clinical effects, the barriers to increasing the use of generics, and strategies that can be used to promote greater use of generics.
Participants then were given a surprise free recall task in which they had 6 minutes to recall as many brand names as they could from the previous list.
In addition to straightforward brand name infringement, infringement of the unique shape of a successful product and copying its distinguished packaging elements are also common in the marketplace.
What makes a good brand name? Successful brand names should be unique or distinct in terms of sound, pronunciation, spelling and meaning.
Abu Dhabi -- Bakeria, the unique brand name owned by Emirates General Petroleum Corporation or Emarat, keeps on enhancing its position among competing brand names, with a new venue that was inaugurated recently here by one of the companies granted the franchise rights to Bakeria and Cafe Arabica.
There are several companies that make this with brand names such as Panadol, Calpol, etc.
Patients started on less costly generic statin drugs have significantly better adherence than those started on brand name statins, as well as improved cardiovascular outcomes, according to results from a study that looked at records from more than 90,000 Medicare patients aged 65 and older (mean age 75.6, 61% female) over a 2-year period.
MORE THAN A THIRD OF DOCTORS said they prescribe brand name drugs simply because patients ask for them even when cheaper generics would be appropriate, according to a new study.
When it comes to quality perception, brand names have maintained a slight advantage over private labels, with 51% of shoppers indicating that they continue to buy brand name products over store-brand alternatives because they trust the brand.
To promote its brand names overseas, the company appointed Ikan Cokgor, a former Intematix Corp.
Machines, other equipment, buildings, the land and the brand names of the factory will be sold only together.