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3 -- color) With Pacific's brand names slapped on them, scooter sales are expected to triple.
Hilco Brand Acquisitions, LLC ("HBA") buys intellectual property, generally consumer product brand names with established global awareness and favorable reputations.
a brand name consultancy that develops names and conducts brand name research for many of the world's Fortune 500 companies -- has fashioned a new slogan for the Medison Company of South Korea, a leading manufacturer of ultrasound diagnostic scanners for the medical community.
Our affiliate Guangzhou Chuangrun Advertising Company operates the advertising space and advertising contracts, with top-tier brand names and multi-national corporations, as well as large advertising agencies.
The next step is the creation of a set of potential brand names.
There is evidence that brand names are associated with consumer perceptions of quality and their purchase intentions.
DENVER--Most shoppers (77%, and 90% of women) regularly compare store brands to brand name products, according to The Checkout, an ongoing study of shopper behavior conducted by The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research.
To promote its brand names overseas, the company appointed Ikan Cokgor, a former Intematix Corp.
In an investigation, the agency found that many foreign medications, although marketed under the same or similar-sounding brand names as those in the United States, contain different active ingredients.
The writers--two serious, bespectacled gentlemen sporting distinguished facial hair--tell us that there are so many brand names in America that our landscape is actually .
And now we're providing a voice for those drugs that have been overpowered by brand names.
Because brand names enhance the value of products and are difficult for competitors to copy, brand names play a critical role in marketplace competition.
Genericization theory developed as a response to claims from outside of linguistics that generic use in brand names (for example, using Kleenex as a generic noun for all facial tissues, or Xerox for all photocopiers) is the result of marketing factors or misuse by consumers.
IF YOU THINK GENERIC PERSONAL COMPUTER MAKERS are fighting over Latin American crumbs left by the industry's big brand names, think again.