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copepods with suctorial mouthparts

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In a compendium of current knowledge about the crustacean subclass Branchiura Thorell, 1864, Neethling and Avenant-Oldewage provide an overview of the group, starting from the first species description, and reporting taxonomic changes up to the present.
Keywords: Branchiura; Copepods; Crustaceans; Fish; Parasitic isopods
Tubifex, Limnodrilus, and Branchiura) are considered to be cosmopolitan while the genus Potamothrix is Holarctic (Wetzel et al.
NR Bivalvia total NR Oligochaeta Branchiura sowerbyi 50 [+ or -] 105 (20) Stylaria lacustris NR Oligochaeta sp.
Krebstiere, Crustacea, Kiemen und Blattfssler, Branchiopoda, Fischlause, Branchiura. G.
(Branchiura; P= 1,42%; I= 1; IM= 1), y en intestinos y ciegos piloricos Siphodera vinaledwardsii (Digenea; P= 60%; 1= 1-44; IM= 13).
A single, dorsal pore was observed on each caudal ramus using scanning electron microscopy; these pores have not been reported previously in the Branchiura.
Krebstiere, Crustacea; Kiemen- und BlattfuBer, Branchiopoda; Fiscblause, Branchiura. Tierwelt Deutschlands 60:1-501.
The third factor (PC 3) was comprised solely of the large (2.5 cm) fish parasite Argulus (Crustacea: Branchiura) (Table 3).
The mean temperature of the column of water and rainfall had a strong correlation with Branchiura sowerbyi in December 2009 and January 2010, when lake depth was relatively low despite the high rainfall.
Krebstiere, Crustacea, Kiemen- und Blattfusser, Branchiopoda, Fischlause, Branchiura. Die Tierwelt Deutschlands, 60.