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a railway line connected to a trunk line

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Meltham branch railway line closed in 1965 and the new heritage walKing trail follows its original tracK bed.
The former Harborne branch railway line was bought by the city council in 1975 and developed as a pedestrian urban walkway and nature trail.
Once they flocked to the woollen mill in nearby Minllyn, on the site of the old terminus of the Mawddwy branch railway line from Cemmaes Road, closed since 1951.
Other significant structures include an early industrial building (once thought to be part of the original workshops, a claim now largely discounted), a goods shed of the early 1840s, a parcels office, the remains of stables located at a junction with a colliery branch railway, and the coal drops, an impressive masonry structure at present fenced off awaiting repair.
It became known as the Wyken Mineral Branch Railway.
The former Kingswinford Branch Railway lies at the heart of Smestow Valley Nature Reserve and has provided locals and visitors alike with a green and pleasant route to walk along since the early 1970s.
Blade Runner could then transfer easily to branch railway lines or to rail tracks that are constructed along existing roadways.
Contract award notice: qualification system of prorail 2013 (ep 2013), branch railway contractors; south region - realization fhrd a2 corridor brabant 2017 m-004 433.
Tremorfa will be a new community with a boundary of the River Rhymney, South Wales railway line, Splott branch railway line and the current Splott boundaries.
Given that, when it was announced in July that the deadline had been pushed back today in order to clarify issues relating to the Crown Estate, one has to wonder why the issues relating to the concerns of Natural England over ecological measures and the question of protecting future operations of the Killingholme branch railway could not have been dealt with at the same time.
It is planned to construct a new 105 kilometre branch railway as part of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project.
From the start there were worries about flooding of graves (shades of today's debate about the Castle Hill site), and the site had to be changed when a branch railway to Halifax through the Grimescar valley was proposed.
Dave Argument of Hartburn, Stockton: Provide more affordable, reliable public transport in the short term and in the medium term re-open the branch railway line from Guisborough to Middlesbrough.
To increase the capacity above 60,000 we need a further step change in our approach which is why we, together with Liverpool city council and Merseytravel, are investigating the possibility of reopening the Bootle branch railway line for passengeruse.
LOn Eifion largely follows the old track-bed of the former Bangor-Afonwen branch railway line, which joined the North Wales coast line to the Cambrian Coast railway, and was so senselessly ripped up after Dr Beeching decided to axe it and several other lines in 1964.