Bramley's Seedling

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The Bramley's Seedling, which celebrated its 200th anniversary last year, is a strange beast in the world of apple pollination, needing two other apples to ensure good pollination.
3 (a) Cistus, (b) Mrs Sinkins, (c) Runner beans, (d) Tulip, (e) Bramley's Seedling.
Firstly, with apples, make sure you grow a variety that will store well, such as Egremont Russet, Kidd's Orange Red, Sturmer Pippin, Bramley's Seedling, Lord Derby and Newton Wonder.
The wild cards here are 'Boskoop', a European apple that scored high in early university trials in Oregon and Washington; and 'Bramley's Seedling', a tart old English variety that delighted the raters who tried it.
'Gravenstein' 'Newtown Pippin' 'Melrose' 'Granny Smith' 'Boskoop'(*) 'Bramley's Seedling'(*)
Bramley's seedlings THIS year sees the Bramley's Seedling celebrating its bicentenary.
One strange feature of the Bramley's seedling is that it requires two different trees to pollinate its flowers as its own pollen is sterile.
A local butcher in Southwell, by the name of Matthew Bramley, who brought the Brailsford's cottage, allowed a local nurseryman by the name of Henry Merriweather to take some propagation material from the original tree but insisted that the variety bear his name - thus Bramley's Seedling.
To find out more about the Bramley's Seedling visit and visit If you do take a trip to Southwell, visit The Bramley Apple public house to complete the history tour.
The enormous cooker, Howgate Wonder, which holds the world record for the heaviest apple, has proved itself usually reliable in the North and often does better than Bramley's Seedling.
Bramley's seedlings, Lane's Prince Albert, Lord Lambourne's fodder for the fox.
EARLY and mid-season apple varieties are best eaten at once - but late keepers such as Granny Smith and Bramley's Seedlings can be left until hard frosts are due before being picked with a cupped hand and put into storage.