Bramley's Seedling

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very large cooking apple

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Bramley Grange Primary School is a school for students aged 3-11 in Bramley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
6 To make the bramley jelly, warm 320ml of the apple juice with the sugar and pre-soaked gelatine.
Eight youths from the Armley and Bramley areas have been arrested on suspicion of arson.
Armagh Bramley Apples here go directly from the trees at Lee's apple farm into the apple tarts.
Immediately following the rape, Bramley verbally abused the victim.
Sentencing Bramley, Judge Stephen Earl, said: "I have heard the absolutely catastrophic effects you have had on this young woman.
Mrs Bramley began work there as a supply teacher in 1976.
AThis week is Bramley Apple Week (February 2-8), and the Bramley apple campaign has teamed up with TV chef Valentine Warner, pictured, and herb expert Jekka McVicar to combine Bramley apples with herbs producing flavour sensations.
We're just really excited to be moving on into our fourth year," said Aaron Bramley, LCH's co-founder and director of education and communications.
Timothy Allatt, 33, formerly a Nottinghamshire Police constable, was yesterday found guilty at Mansfield Magistrates' Court of assaulting Jake Bramley in the early hours of July 25 last year.
Aunt Bessie's are adding to their range of delicious desserts with a new Bramley Apple and Blackberry Crumble.
Waitrose has been crowned best Bramley retailer in the 2010 Brammy Awards after introducing new polybags to encourage shoppers to buy more of the apples.
Bramley, retired state president and CEO of TD Banknorth, was honored recently for his decades of volunteerism to the Boy Scouts of America.