Bramley's Seedling

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very large cooking apple

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Another said that they had been punched by Bramley, who worked at Medomsley from 1973 until 1977, because he was a Sunderland football fan.
Miss Bramley and Mr Alcock met just four years ago at a gig and hit it off instantly -- but it wasn't until a year later that he plucked up the courage to ask her out.
He said: "Police have been called after a man reported being assaulted in Bramley Drive, Handsworth Wood, at around 3.25pm.
Sarah Bramley, of Langdale Road, Darlington, sent David Saunders, 33, a picture of her with her new lover, Michael Lawson, 34.
Prof Robert Mortimer said: "The Bramley is the nation's favourite cooking apple and the original tree is one of the most significant.
6 To make the bramley jelly, warm 320ml of the apple juice with the sugar and pre-soaked gelatine.
Eight youths from the Armley and Bramley areas have been arrested on suspicion of arson.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how Bramley was a junior leader at the Westovian Theatre in South Shields during the 1990s when he met the 15-year-old girl.
Sentencing Bramley, Judge Stephen Earl, said: "This is the dirty secret that you have carried for the past 20 years or so.
QI BROUGHT a Bramley apple tree two years ago with three apples on it.
Sad Bramley apple with flop of a crop 6 I brought a Bramley apple tree two years ago with three apples on it.
drop Paul Andrew Bramley, 28, who was originally from Hull, and fatherof-two Martyn Matthews, 50, from Wolverhampton, were among the 150 people on board.
"We're just really excited to be moving on into our fourth year," said Aaron Bramley, LCH's co-founder and director of education and communications.