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type genus of the Bramidae

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Brame, a tenured professor, has been reassigned to an academic post in the kinesiology department.
According to documents filed by the family with the city on June 9 and September 4, officials within Tacoma's police force and city government were aware that Brame was dangerous but did not act to stop him from killing Crystal.
Bubb, 41, is leaving the university while Brame, a tenured professor, is being reassigned to an academic post within the kinesiology department, Wilson said.
What I hope to do is be able to provide leadership as we make the adjustments and the transition,'' Brame said.
Robert Brame, III, a member of the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB"), as a Shareholder in its Washington, D.
The contestants are front row, left to right: Alistair Griffin, 25, Carolynne Good, 23, Louise Griffiths, 26, Gary Phelan, 20, Peter Brame, 24, James Fox, 27, and Audley Anderson, 31.
Brame stated that the present assets of Harvard would be conveyed to its wholly-owned subsidiary Signetics.
Carl Sargeant AM with Judy Brame and Janet Saavedra at the Aberconwy Domestic Abuse Centre
To get a sense of that ambiguity, Brame and his colleagues calculated the wiggle room in burglary data for the 10 biggest cities in North Carolina for 2009 and 2010.
However, Brame is still stunned by what just happened and can only seem to yell, "It's a shark, it's a shark, it's a big ass shark
Also on Sunday's programme is EMBRZ, the electronic project of Jack Casey, whose song 'Silent' has been registering on the radar of many in recent months, as well as Sligo's deep onado Brame.
As you can probably gather, I am not of the Tory persuasion, but saying that, and in response to the letter from Colin Brame (Feedback, February 27), that does not automatically make me a Labour supporter, as appeared to be implied by Mr Brame, because emanating from probably the most famous valley in the world, the Rhondda, does not automatically make you sing The Red Flag.
Kamara Brame and Uwais Aswat worked hard for Dewsbury on the flanks, but some good defensive work by Peter Bath, Joe Hill, Harry Marshall and Marcus Keen denied the home side any clear-cut chances.
The new study in the journal Crime and Delinquency provides the first contemporary findings on how the risk of arrest varies across race and gender, Robert Brame, a criminology professor at the University of South Carolina and lead author of the study, said.
Graham McCourt 56 rider of Norton's Coin & Royal Gait; Patrick Brame 63 rider of Chinco & Sambristan; Anthony Webber 61 jump jockey-turnedchiropractor & steward; Aidan Coleman (pictured) 27 rider of Stan & Mon Mome; Paul Fessey 40 rider of Bishops Court & Flipando; Pat Hurley 80 rider of Bramble Tudor; Herve Morin 54 owner of Literato; Billie Thomson 59 owner-trainer of Balisteros; Mark Walford 32 Sheriff Hutton trainer; Emmet Butterly 27 Donegal trainer; Tony McWilliams 56 former Preston trainer; John Biggs 80 ROA directorgeneral 1977-95; Nick Ansell 78 clerk of the course at Exeter 1995-2002; Adrian Beaumont 53 IRB director; Stuart Jackson 75 work-rider of Commanche Run & Kahyasi Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before rpublication