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type genus of the Bramidae

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"Brame was very much the main player in this network and his lengthy prison sentence, despite a guilty plea, demonstrates how seriously the courts treat offending of this nature."
"We get about 500 to 600 reports of sawfish a year," says Brame. "My speculation is that it is less than 50 percent that are seen or encountered.
"A problem is that many males - especially black males - are navigating the transition from youth to adulthood with the baggage and difficulties from contact with the criminal justice system," Brame said.
"Our Kentucky score clocks and alarm clocks have sold well," Brame says.
but we're not done trying," William Moore explained on "Good Morning America," with his fiancee, Sarah Brame.
To get a sense of that ambiguity, Brame and his colleagues calculated the wiggle room in burglary data for the 10 biggest cities in North Carolina for 2009 and 2010.
Brame's book, unfortunately, sanitizes the brutality of the cross and thus participates in the perennial Christian attempt to domesticate Jesus' violent and unjust death.
The new appointees are: Pamela Brame, Onslow County human resources director, Coastal Plain; Timothy Johnson, Hoke County county manager, Eastern Sandhills; Sarah McGinnis, Cleveland County benefits coordinator, Foothills; John Younts, Warrenton Police Department chief of police, North Triangle; Robert Ward, City of Wilson environmental services department and Winston Harris, City of Wilson police department senior police officer, Tar River; Diane Shepherd, Orange County benefits manager and Wilbert McAdoo, Orange County public works director, Triangle; Anthony Atkinson, Town of Clayton fire marshal, East Triangle; Fred Held, Town of Cary inspector, Wake; and Susan O'Brien, City of King director of finance and personnel, West Piedmont.
A native of Normandy, France, Brame has worked since 1996 for the International Mobility Department of Ernst & Young, Societe d'Avocats in Paris; inspired by her intercultural communication work with multinational companies, business schools and universities, she has written books and articles for French and foreign expatriates, both adults and children.
Love Life: Linked with Fame Academy singer Peter Brame. Broke up with Lostprophets rocker Ian Watkins and has been linked to T4's Steve Jones.
ON SHOW: A piece by artist Kathryn Brame; TEXTILE: Mandy Pattullo's creation; EMERGING TALENT: Becca Pelly Fry's photograph
FORMER Fame Academy bad boy Pete Brame is heading for Birmingham's Arcadian Centre next month.
At the awards ceremony, hosted by Tony Wright, from Terrorvision, and Laika Dog and Peter Brame, of BBC Fame Academy, artists from all over the country filled the AKA London nightspot to find out if the public had voted for them.
Members continuing on the board include: James Forsell, PhD, Tissue Banks International, San Rafael, CA; Immediate Past President - Duke Kasprisin, MD, American Red Cross Tissue Services, Burlington, VT; Council of Accredited Tissue Banks - Joel Osborne, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Edison, NJ, and Thomas Cycyota, AlloSource, Englewood, CO; Tissue Bank - John Lee, DCI Donor Services, Nashville, TN; Reproductive - Charles Sims, MD, California CryoBank, Inc., Los Angeles, CA; Skin - Kenneth Blair, RN, Community Tissue Services, Dayton, OH; Musculoskeletal - Simon Bogdansky, PhD, Allosource, Inc., Englewood, CO; and Member at Large - Bud Brame, LifeNet, Virginia Beach, VA.