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type genus of the Bramidae

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We get about 500 to 600 reports of sawfish a year," says Brame.
but we're not done trying," William Moore explained on "Good Morning America," with his fiancee, Sarah Brame.
In April 2003, David Brame accosted his estranged wife, Crystal, in a shopping center parking lot, shot her in the head with a .
Brame shot and killed his wife Crystal and himself last year.
WOW - if any of you out there are watching Fame Academy II (apparently not many), then you must have seen the brilliant and outrageous 'Mr Charisma' himself, Peter Brame, whom I am personally tipping for the top.
If you are a company that wants to maintain presentation standards in prepared foods, as Marks & Spencer focused on during the first phase of this test, then how attractively a product is displayed makes a big difference on how it sells," says Marketmax's chief technology officer, Ken Brame.
Robert Brame III has asked the White House to withdraw his name from consideration for a slot on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
Pervis Patterson of Inglewood and Shonerick Brame of Van Nuys were arrested Tuesday by Burbank police, who investigated the case because two of the four victims are local residents.
Robert Brame III, American Vision's board secretary, reportedly tops President Bush's list of likely appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, the five-member agency that determines the fate of workers seeking union recognition and helps define how federal law protects women, gays and lesbians, and others seeking representation in the workplace.
Brame notes the buildings' old industrial look and exposed, fluted concrete columns, as "a true expression of structure," were in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.
Service Merchandise is striving to revitalize its business and drive down operating costs," says Ken Brame, senior vice president and CIO of Service Merchandise.
So the presumption that certain materials contain asbestos unless it can be proved otherwise does not apply," adds Brame.
The Katy community is very excited that we are bringing Dickey's to the area," said franchise owner Roy Carneiro, who operates this location with his business partner Jim Brame.
Of course there are far too many amazing acts to name here but we're particularly enthused by the genre-defying selections from Jordan, Swoose + Cromby, Brame + Hamo, DJ Deece and Dublin duo Long lsland.
Max Brame (Liverpool Harriers) ran strongly to finish in 47th place in the U17 age group, with Ross Harrison (Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton) just behind in 51st.