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any of various rough thorny shrubs or vines

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Together Splashing along the boggy woods all day, And over brambled hedge and holding clay, I shall not think of him: But when the watery fields grow brown and dim, And hounds have lost their fox, and horses tire, I know that he'll be with me on my way Home through the darkness to the evening fire.
Outside, a transmission's whine breaks our unmediated approach to a brambled paradise.
The wine list is compact but well chosen with a very nice assortment by the glass, which is how we rolled that evening: a lightly brambled pivot noir ($9) for her and a nicely flinty white Bordeaux ($6) for him.
I subsequently bored my family rigid about Vieux Tlgraphe's purity of expression, brambled cinder-path touches on the far reaches of the palate, and the fact that it tasted fab.
Some of the land is brambled and twisted into impossible tangles of wildflowers and bushes, unrecognizable amalgams of trees and wiry shrubs that want to shoot as high as the horizon.