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any of various rough thorny shrubs or vines

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The term "bramble fruits" describes plant species such as grape (Vitis), strawberry (Fragaria), raspberry and blackberry (Rubus), red currant and gooseberry (Ribes), huckleberry, cowberry, culture bilberry, marches blueberry, (Vaccinium), rose hip (Rosa), berberis vulgaris (Berberis), bullace grape (Prunus) (Agaoglu 1986).
On the nose the wine has redcurrants, blackberries, bramble fruit and a speck of spice.
This version may be lighter than some but still delivers fresh bright and ripe, damson and bramble fruit with firm tannin.
BRAMBLE fruit and tobacco aromas become quite savoury on the nose of this dark, garnet red wine.
This example brings us beautifully rich, prune and bramble fruit with firm acidity, limited tannin and a concluding, slightly bitter edge that also incorporates cocoa and ar buy For more reviews, to
It has juicy, damson and bramble fruit, firm tannin and good acidity with hints of mocha and aniseed.
There is substantial chocolate and cinnamon depth behind the smoky plum, black cherry and bramble fruit on display here and the sharp acidity (but gentle tannin) that supports it.
The warming note from the dark bramble fruit on the nose transfers to the palate alongside the merest hint of spice in this medium-weight wine.
With its high alcohol and bramble fruit flavours, zinfandel is another variety that can work well.
The result, to me, outperforms the equivalent white and delivers soft, herbal red wine with attractive raspberry and bramble fruit, fresh acidity but only modest tannin.
Another to feature this bracing trio of varieties is the VIU MANENT 'ViBo' PUNTA DEL VIENTO 2011 (RRP PS17.68, Spirited Wines), another dark-hearted soul with a bouquet of black bramble fruit and a touch of pencil shavings from its time in old French oak.
Offering raspberry and bramble fruit, infused with a touch of fennel and smoke, this evolved into a juicy, peppery finish, rating 15+.
This Australian red proves the point eloquently - through its soft, warm damson and bramble fruit with firm acidity, good depth, just the right amount of tannin and well crafted supporting suggestions of mocha, olives and cinnamon.
Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo 2010 (pounds 8.39 in most supermarkets) is just such a wine, and I love it - a rich ruby, with a kiss of spicy oak, ripe plum and bramble fruit that's certainly ripe, but balanced by quite firm tannins.
At the same price, the environmentally-friendly Banrock Station Shiraz 2001 (widely available) had flavours of smoky bramble fruit. Regrettably it was rather flabby and over the top (14).