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a small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft that is fired to slow or alter its course

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Three braking rockets will stop its descent at just more than 60 feet from the surface.
Cassini fired its braking rocket for 96 minutes when it swept closest to the planet--while diving through the gap between Saturn's outer F and G rings.
Cassini and Huygens, the hitchhiking European probe that will explore the largest Saturnian satellite, Titan, were to begin orbiting Saturn early on July 1st (Universal Time) after a 96-minute firing of a braking rocket.
The spacecraft fired a braking rocket at 9:01 Universal Time, and telemetry indicated all was well as the spacecraft passed behind Mars and out of touch with Earth.
New Horizons doesn't carry the propellant needed to fire braking rockets that would trim its speed so it could slip into orbit.
the capsule's braking rockets fired for 9 minutes and 50 seconds, dropping the far side of its orbit deep into the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean.
Once in space, the capsule is designed to run through a pre-programmed set of manoeuvres to test its steering thrusters, navigation system and other equipment critical to flight, then fire its braking rockets to leave orbit.
Sturckow and pilot Kevin Ford fired the shuttle's twin braking rockets at 4:47 p.