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Synonyms for caboose

the area for food preparation on a ship

a car on a freight train for use of the train crew

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The sources of Pakistan Railways informed that the incident took place at the down track some five kilometers from Hyderabad Railway Station causing derailment of last two carriers and brake van of Karachi bound freight train on Tuesday morning.
The wagons did not have their own brakes applied, and so were held solely by the brake van. A set of loaded wagons were "loose shunted" with such force as to jostle the brake van and release its own brake and the wagons moved off towards Abergele.
"Passengers waiting on platform Four at Huddersfield Station could be forgiven for thinking that they were dreaming when the huge waggons along with the brake van - but with no engine or driver -dashed through the station and out along the viaduct at 40mph.
Built in 1946, before nationalisation of the coal industry, at the Philadelphia workshops of the Lambton Hetton and Joicey Collieries near Houghton-le-Spring, brake van No 7 spent over two decades ensuring that coal trains safely made their way to the River Wear.
Within your article you mention the special brake van No.
The train set is called Harry The Hauler by Bachmann, and consists of a diesel loco, trucks and a brake van, plus track and controller, valued at pounds 45.
View steam and vintage diesel locomotives and take a ride on a steam-hauled brake van.
Quoting eyewitnesses, the railway official said the Green Line driver applied emergency brakes but due to short distance the locomotive smashed into the brake van of the freight train.
Other attractions include a Beer Festival in the Henry Robertson Suite on Llangollen station, supervised Brake Van rides and a miniature railway at Carrog.
Flatbed Flatbread, Brake Van Date Walnut Slice and Shirley Cherry Flatbread have been served at The Aln Valley Railway cafe as part of its project with Northumberland County Council learning disability day services.
We had a break away coming down and as there was no brake van, we were ready to jump as we swerved into the loop line.
British Rail said the freight train - a brake van and three empty freight trucks - were "runaways."
It was all aboard as mini controllers and their parents took a brake van ride on Thomas or Clarabel, and unlimited trips on Daisy and Goliath.