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a restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation

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Until that happens, can you remind them that the brake shoes should always be released before trying to remove the brake drum?
It also offers in-house remanufactured products such as brake shoes, transmissions, rear axles and driveline components.
When the Calypso's wash basket starts to spin, torque from the motor rotates a cam, which pulls the brake shoes from the drum so the basket can rotate.
Brake shoes mount with detent pins for quick friction facing replacement and all pivot pins have life-lubricated pivot-point beatings.
Universal Automotive is a manufacturer and distributor of brake rotors, drums, disc brake pads, relined brake shoes, wheel cylinders and brake hoses for the automotive aftermarket.
Contract award notice: brake shoes for rolling stock belonging towed sntfc "cfr passengers" sa (shoes s1).
The new brake shoes in these kits are a set of four, replacing the single-wheel type.
Auto parts suppliers mark and differentiate brake shoes that are slightly larger or smaller than their counterparts.
The company's product portfolio now includes flexible brake linings, brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs and brake shoe kits, for passenger car and light commercial.
announced tender for Contract notice: Revision of the brake shoes on elok 541st
Improper service brake adjustment can cause serious damage to the brake shoes, brake drums, and other key components.
This service analyzes brake pads and brake shoes in the automotive aftermarket in the United States and Canada.
When you replace the brake shoes on your FMTV, mechanics, pay attention to the brake drums, too.
The report on 'Automotive Brake Friction Products' analyzes the market by two-product segments - Brake Pads, and Brake Shoes.
Use NSN 2530-01-445-9205 to get the dust shields (backing plates) for the brake shoes on the heavy equipment transporter (HET) semitrailer.