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hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads

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A second group of phenolic composites includes brake piston formulations for making disk brakes.
Product Launches II-25 Hastings Launches Hastings Racing Rings Brand II-25 Trace Engines to Re-Launch V8 piston Aeroengines II-25 Federal-Mogul Launches Thermoshield[TM] Coated Pistons II-25 Shriram Pistons and Rings Develops GT Piston II-25 Dana Corporation Launches Piston-Ring Coating Technology II-25 Delphi Unveils a New Polyamide Brake Piston II-26
Consider the situation for a phenolic brake piston supplier when there was an OEM engineer who recalled: "There was a moisture sensitivity issue years ago, where the pistons sucked in moisture and grew once they were assembled with the caliper, so they stuck and the brakes dragged.
By contrast, a Georgia Tech system would use a simple piezoceramic actuator mounted inside the brake piston to apply bursts of a "dithering" frequency to the backing plate of the inside brake pad, suppressing the vibrations that cause squeal.
Phenolic automotive brake pistons were first developed in the early 1970s and made their first appearance in Chrysler vehicles in 1975, followed by Ford in 1979.
The screw is used on a 385-ton KM 350-3000 CX Duroset thermoset press that was developed with Baumgarten Automotive Technics GmbH in Germany to produce automotive brake pistons.
Kaiser's Micro-Chip screw machine stock is used in a wide range of applications including aircraft fittings, automotive brake pistons, hydraulic components and other industrial uses.
Applications range from auto brake pistons to transformer components.
Kurz-Kasch also manufactures phenolic brake pistons for automotive disc brakes as well as specialty thermo set plastic based components used in the aerospace and electrical industries.