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Synonyms for brake

Synonyms for brake

an instrument or means of restraining

Synonyms for brake

any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants

large coarse fern often several feet high

an area thickly overgrown usually with one kind of plant

anything that slows or hinders a process

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stop travelling by applying a brake

cause to stop by applying the brakes

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If the vehicle cannot be driven, then component testing, such as testing individual brake lines or master cylinder, may be required.
The solution to this problem is installing 100% correct stock replacement brake lines in stainless steel from Classic Tube.
"We believe the offenders had intended to cut the petrol pipe and cut the brake line by mistake."
The company expanded its offering to include kits for repairing and replacing air conditioning, brake, coolant, and transmission lines as well as specialty tools including brake line flaring tools, fuel injection cleaners, fuel pressure testers, hose clamp kits, and brake bleeder removal kits.
According to complaints cited in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, the broken spring ripped into the tyre and ripped the brake line, causing diminished brake response and steering difficulty.
MB-4 tow tractors at Minot Air Force Base were experiencing widespread brake line deterioration.
They dived under the vehicle and ripped through the brake line causing the huge tail-lift - which folded across the rear doors - to flop down uselessly.
The quick disconnect brake line on the trailer was then released, relieving the pressure on the drum.
For a while, we had problems with some of those wires getting wrapped around the brake lining of our forklifts and popping the brake lines. We brought the problem to the attention of our dealer, and they welded plates around the brake line area.
The Varistop brake line generates variable torque braking and stepless torque change in very narrow aisle trucks and high-level order pickers.
When brake dragging occurs, we have to crack the bleeders, or loosen the brake line at the rubber hose near the master cylinder to unlock the brakes.
Features inClude a glad-hand lock that attaches to the truck's brake line, ensuring that brakes are applied.