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Synonyms for brake

Synonyms for brake

an instrument or means of restraining

Synonyms for brake

any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants

large coarse fern often several feet high

an area thickly overgrown usually with one kind of plant

anything that slows or hinders a process

Related Words

stop travelling by applying a brake

cause to stop by applying the brakes

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The aluminum brake line has undergone several tests for potential OEM application including those for vibration, burst, toque, leak, coating adhesion and corrosion.
If the vehicle cannot be driven, then component testing, such as testing individual brake lines or master cylinder, may be required.
The gang immobilised the trucks by cutting their brake lines with angle grinders.
This innovation is what led slopestyle rider Mike Montgomery to approach Straitline Components to design a hydraulic brake line detangler, which allows handlebars to spin without tangling brake lines.
After removing the interior and center-aisle floor panels, hydraulic fluid was noted dripping from the rigid right brake line (p/n 90E5517010-64 at fuselage station FS248.
Carlisle Motion Control Industries has added a second size range to its FCL (Full Circle Lift Truck) brake line.
We believe the offenders had intended to cut the petrol pipe and cut the brake line by mistake.
2 Brake Line -Tee To Wheel Cylinder Left Hand Side To Godrej Part No.
According to complaints cited in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, the broken spring ripped into the tyre and ripped the brake line, causing diminished brake response and steering difficulty.
MB-4 tow tractors at Minot Air Force Base were experiencing widespread brake line deterioration.
Sensors on the left wing's landing gear brake line showed an unusual rise in temperature, then left-wing temperature sensors failed entirely five minutes later.
When brake dragging occurs, we have to crack the bleeders, or loosen the brake line at the rubber hose near the master cylinder to unlock the brakes.
The quick disconnect brake line on the trailer was then released, relieving the pressure on the drum.
We brought the problem to the attention of our dealer, and they welded plates around the brake line area.
The company has widened its portfolio of products to offer kits meant for repairing and replacing air conditioning, brake, coolant and transmission lines, in addition to specialty tools comprising brake line flaring tools, fuel injection cleaners, as well as fuel pressure testers, hose clamp kits and brake bleeder removal gears.