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Caption: The teal and linen colorways of the Timeless Beauty 5-Quart Braiser sold out within hours of launching on QVC.
Copco's Mario Batali line grows with a 9-quart oval braiser, a 7.5-quart soup pot, a 4-quart Italian Essentials pot, and a 12-inch skillet, as well as smaller sizes of the rectangle and oval side dishes.
Country Park overcame Reeva (C Lucy) 3-1, Broadgreen Celtic (D Dahl 2 and J Bannon) continued their challenge at the top with a 3-1 win over Flyover,and leaders Jacky Mundos (C Smith and C Braiser) continued their quest for the title with a 2-0 defeat of Metcalf Kitchens.
Cookware/Bakeware:Finalists: Staub for the Braiser Honey Comb and Emile Henry for the Flame Top RoasterWinner: B/R/K of Germany represented by Kitchen Resource for the Pressure Cooking System
Sefton Field Boys enjoyed a 6-2 win over Cross Keys with J Phillips (4), J Hammill and R Smith on target and Jacky Mundos (Christian Braiser, Connor Smith, Jack Shirley 2 and Connor Belger 2) carried on their unbeaten start to the season, beating Formy JS United 6-0.
The Signature Collection includes a Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Sonoma Green, Nielsen-Massey Limited Edition Vanilla Extract, a maple rolling pin, a pepper mill, a silicone spatula decorated with a pineapple, a lemon reamer, a Mauviel Hammered Aluminum Braiser and Cabbage Leaf dinnerware from Portugal.
Our customers like Viking stainless steel products and we also show every piece that All-Clad makes so you have a lot of choices from sauciers to braiser pans," Harrison explained.
CHRISTIAN BRAISER'S double, plus others from Conner Smith,Paul Speed and Jamie Hughes,earned Jacky Mundos an impressive under-115-3 win over Reva, whose goals came from James Kennedy (2)and J.Farrell.
In that vein, Calphalon has introduced a nonstick 3-quart braiser ($130), and a 4-quart chef's pan ($63) for everyday braising, stewing and "slow-cooking in the oven." All-Clad now has a 5.5 quart Dutch-oven ($190 for stainless steel) and a smaller, 10-inch round "Petite Braiser" ($130 for stainless steel) for comforting meals in any size family.
Corningware showcased its versatility by introducing cast-aluminum cookware: two sizes of Dutch ovens and a braiser. The pieces are lightweight, have extra-large handles, a ceramic coating inside and a fluted design on the exterior, reminiscent of its French White collection.
In a large saucepot or Swiss braiser, heat the oil over high heat to just about the smoking point.
All-Clad Metalcrafters its expanding its stainless and LTD cookware lines here with the addition of a 5.5-quart saucier with lid, a new braiser pan and a roaster oven pan.
Swiss Diamond's Braiser Pot is available in two sizes (5.3 qt.
Gibson, for instance, will feature its new Benedicta cookware in its Gibson Home line; Swiss Diamond will introduce its non-stick Swiss Titan Fry Pan, a nonstick sauteuse and braiser, and its No More Mess!
The company also expanded its Emeril line with new utensils, Dutch ovens, Sauteuse pans, a 13-inch Braiser pan, and a tea kettle.