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someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

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On the Exploding Brainiacs website,, visitors can donate to provide science kits for children in the home.
SCIENCE'S greatest and most volatile live show Brainiac Live!
Enjoy Science Museum, Horrible Science, Brainiac and Gastronaut. is a California-based marketing company that offers to turn a home into a painted billboard advertising for Brainiacs from Mars for up to a year, and in exchange, the company will pay the mortgage for every month the home hosts the advertisement.
At the roadshow, pupils were able to enjoy talks from some of the region's biggest names in the field of science including Brainiac's "Man in The Shed" Dr John Kilcoyne.
BRAINIACS at a Midland school celebrated after they beat thousands of hopefuls to finish in the top five of a UK-wide maths competition.
Dubai: Despite not preparing much for the game and a tough competition, team Brainiacs Incorporated won Heat 3 of the Blockbusters senior teams in flying colours.
Tonight Vic tries to put out fires with a variety of extinguishers, the Brainiacs discover which food is the crumbliest and John McCririck is electrocuted while he works.
Sadly, it's only the University Boat Race, where the next generation of brainiacs bring together the upper body strength needed in the shelf-stacking industry Cambridge are the 6-5 (William Hill) underdogs for the 151st contest, while Oxford, with a crew of Olympians, should reward their backers at 8-13.
Perhaps his critique is beyond our comprehension, but we do not see Peterson and crew as nerds, geeks, brainiacs, phlegmatic nerds, etc.
We seem to have enough brainiacs to program and fine-tune the high-tech tools we depend on--for now.
"Those effete brainiacs are gonna pay for their hubris.
These two brainiacs decide to investigate by going online to see the fatal truth for themselves and discover a sicko doctor (Stephen Rea) torturing and killing young women like Isabelle Van Waes for his snuff site.
On US TV, there's Young Marvels, which features precocious performing artists in various fields; Little Big Shots for a wider range of talents, including nonartistic abilities and aptitudes; Child Genius for amazing junior nerds and brainiacs; and the cooking show and tilt, Man vs Child, which pits adult chefs against their pint-sized but similarly competitive counterparts.