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someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

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Enjoy Science Museum, Horrible Science, Brainiac and Gastronaut.
com is a California-based marketing company that offers to turn a home into a painted billboard advertising for Brainiacs from Mars for up to a year, and in exchange, the company will pay the mortgage for every month the home hosts the advertisement.
Featuring an all-new Earth Powers set, and new multiplayer and open-world content, The Battle for Earth delivers legendary adventures as players prepare for the ultimate showdown with Brainiac.
Brainiacs Incorporated was made up of 12th grade pupils Shravanthi, Jyothsna Harithsa and Lavanya Narayan, who study at Dubai Modern High School, as well as Ananya Jaidev, a student of Dubai College.
THE fabulous Brainiac has managed to overcome the loss of its star man, enjoying a new lease of life with presenter Vic Reeves.
On Tuesday, the brainiacs at Granada Hills Charter School were named district champs.
Sadly, it's only the University Boat Race, where the next generation of brainiacs bring together the upper body strength needed in the shelf-stacking industry Cambridge are the 6-5 (William Hill) underdogs for the 151st contest, while Oxford, with a crew of Olympians, should reward their backers at 8-13.
Perhaps his critique is beyond our comprehension, but we do not see Peterson and crew as nerds, geeks, brainiacs, phlegmatic nerds, etc.
We seem to have enough brainiacs to program and fine-tune the high-tech tools we depend on--for now.
Those effete brainiacs are gonna pay for their hubris.
These two brainiacs decide to investigate by going online to see the fatal truth for themselves and discover a sicko doctor (Stephen Rea) torturing and killing young women like Isabelle Van Waes for his snuff site.
CHILD GENIUS Tues C4 9pm NEW SERIES The third season of this fascinating contest features 20 brainiacs aged between eight and 12 battling to be crowned Britain's brightest child.
LAST term we had a super week of Science in school which ended with our special guests from Brainiacs coming into school to teach us some crazy science
In the Big Bang Theory, back tonight for series two, our heroes, Sheldon and Leonard, are young physics brainiacs who could probably give Stephen Hawking a run for his money.
But as we learn from watching the crossword tournament in ``Wordplay,'' puzzle people aren't necessarily brainiacs, but rather individuals who are witty and enjoy a challenge.