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forcible indoctrination into a new set of attitudes and beliefs

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In her initial Facebook statement, Manuel also called Kanaga a "cult lawyer." That and the reference to a "brain-washing torture group" in her faxes were apparent references to the Orleans-based Community of Jesus, of which both Kanaga and his client, Manuel's daughter-in-law, were members.
This is a clear case of terrorism by brain-washing. "I was told I had to kill someone to save my religion.
The English School should be the one school where no brain-washing should be done and the truth be taught.A Those parents who want a Hellenic and Greek Cypriot school have sent their children to the wrong school.
Ironically, children fared quite well under Communism if one leaves atheist brain-washing aside.
Having seen his team lose successive games at Stoke and Chelsea, Keane was in the mood to go on the offensive ahead of the Black Cats clash with Portsmouth and he tore into a media culture he accuses of brain-washing fans with an unrelenting torrent of hype and hyperbole and antagonism dressed up as analysis.
Brain-washing drove her towards suicide; only consciousness of her priesthood saved her.
Would it be unkind of me to equally stereotype churches, and especially Roman Catholic churches, and church primary schools as brain-washing money-grabbing control freaks?
Hamid, 50, organised weekly brain-washing talks at his home in east London and outdoor training camps.
He accused Mr Reid of being "an enemy of Islam" and a "tyrant" after the Home Secretary called for Muslim parents to look out for the signs of brain-washing in their children in the fight against terrorism.
I admit it, I have years of brain-washing inside me.
Foy writes, Lorene's own efforts can only be described as heroic: "She was harassed, insulted, humiliated, and subjected to attempted brain-washing." In September 1970, however, Father Charles Keenan was sent to St.
The sooner people realise it's all a brain-washing fairy story the better.
I did a thesis on his brain-washing techniques and he's morbidly fascinating.
Critics say Scientology is a dangerous movement which uses brain-washing techniques on its members.